Friday, August 15, 2008

Etsy Finds

Find of the day! Blazingly beautiful Orange Mid-Century coffee/tea set. I really, really want this so bad for myself but I already bought one sometime ago and DH says we're not a warehouse, so thou shalt not have repeats. Damn. From vintagedame, a steal at $32. I wished the cups come with, even though I'm not into matchy-matchy.

I've also been in love with this plate. Pity its ceramic, would be nuts to ship. And my budget's bit bad for scoured treasures. Scandinavian/Danish style. Details of this kind would be tough to unearth these days. I think it'll be perfect on the kitchen wall. From domestikate, $15.

I definitely need this one. Why the hell am I in the far east?! I could have a mid-century home by now. Double damn. A total beaut, not 50-yr-ole musty, she's hand-built by bladmanmod. Beautiful asymmetrical angles, pin legs, cute little corner stowaway! At $350, she's an incredible steal. Try looking for a piece on ebay (like this credenza), it'll hit you way more that that. Blow up the pictures at the listing and check out the knob. Swanky! Now all we need is a good book and a good drink. That said, baldmanmod has wonderful things in his shop plus his avatar is adorable!


CK said...

Oh man, those are some nice words! Makes me wanna travel to Singapore and build one in your house... and hey! Avatar was done by my great friend Divya- check out her wicked arty skills here!

thanks again for the sweetness!

mecamo said...

hey there!

yeah, i have found a great new blog for me :-)

you create really cute things :-)

so, now i'll explorer your blog more. i guess there are more interisting things to check out :-)

greetinxxx from miami,

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