Saturday, August 30, 2008

Life....or death.

My mind is tussled like the noodles in the teacup.

I choose life. And I choose to surround myself with pleasant things, i.e. people who appreciate what I do. I'm sorry but I gotta say this outright, no custom orders if you're fussy. I'm serious. Fussy Singaporeans, PLEASE stay away. I said my peace. (If you think I'm being nasty, check out ebay singapore, there are plenty of auctions saying exactly what I just said.) Therefore, let me preface by saying, I will not entertain emails/convos like, "can give discount a-not?", "gimmie your best price", "show me everything, i wanna choose the best one" etc. This is not pasar malam for god's sake. Its like scratching on the blackboard to me to hear these things, both insulting and unecessary.

I'm a stuff designer. I make stuff, to my whims, fancies, dreams and desires. I make things to enrich someone's life, to make someone happy. If I have to submit to your ever-changing undecidedness whims, perhaps you should do it yourself. I can't work like this. I have plenty of life on my plate, loads of stuff to do, school and stuff designs to dream about. I have to stop pleasing everyone with requested low prices, great fabrics and lots of work on the bags. Its driving me nuts trying to make everyone happy.

I'm actually really quite free for negotiation on custom orders, and are always up for a challenge when someone BYO fabric or need something I haven't done before. I try my best to perfect something before it goes out. If I feel guilty about sending out something, it'll be so hard to sleep at night. Besides, I never charge before the final product gets ok-ed. I'm still mind-boggled about how much nicer I can be without killing myself.

That said, I'm so VERY grateful for the small bunch of people who make straightforward requests like, I want a bag in this print. See what happens, or something like that. People who know what they want, know the prices to expect (or ask politely!) and send back appreciative messages when they see the final product and, even when I botched up their orders and made something a bit different (you know who you are!).

I thank these wonderful peeps for their patience, their ability to give me space to create, their belief in me that I can make something.

(sorry guys, bit of lamentation there. its been a long week and its prolly gonna get longer with all the tests and assignments! yikes.)

edit: woo-hoo! i feel better after all that lamentations. thanks for listening! (if you are, hehe)


mecamo said...

i am totally with you. some people are so greedy and want everything for free and even like to bite your soul off (sorry for my bad english)...

i also can understand, that it feels weird kind of guilty, to give stuff away, it doesn't matter, if you give it away for free like a gift or for money to make life. it is like you give a piece of yourself away. i feel the same, especially if i give paintings away, because they are like a open book from yourself. i guess a lot of people, who make creative things feels that way, ok, poor hearted people not ;-)

but for sure there are people who knows what value your creations have (i dont mean the money factor, just all the work and heart you put in...)

greetinxxx ME

Jo said...

Oh my Oh my... I understand how you feel too!!!

I agree with you on the fussy singaporeans who ask for the sky! I've had this person who commissioned 10 stamps, giving me oddly drawn pictures and when I neaten up the designs, she decided she didn't want them anymore! Utrrrghhh!

I hope you are feeling better already, girl. And if I haven't said it before, I'll say it again... The bags and stuff you make are FANTASTIC! Love love love everything you do....


Wanderer said...

I don´t remember if I told you "thank you about your beautiful things", but here I go:



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