Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Looks like Fall....

The beginnings of our Fall Collection. Besides these long awaited additions to the traditional Japanese section to our little store, more things are coming! Apologies to the lovely peeps whos been waiting for these. I'm kinda picky about fabrics and without physically being in Japan, these are my personal selections. I'm particularly in love with the oat background with weeping willow like sakura blooms on it. It looks amazing in person, so understatedly chic and subtle. I know, kinda different from my usual loudly adorable prints! Yeah, we're going subtle for fall.

But, I had to add some cuteness, like the puffy mums (yummo-ly cute!), Luckyness with cute little lucky objects on soft pink & cute hopping bunnies amongst more blooms! Something for everyone there, I hope!

Psst.....I've just overspent on beautiful fall fabrics, expect orange, mustard, olives, blues, blacks and grays on everyday versatile bags! Coming, coming, coming....

Some not so nice updates in my life. I've landed in a big pile of crap, assignments half done because of incompetent & lazy people (deadline is here!), missed test (byebye 10%! yikes.), & a big law test on Saturday. Hm, I realise that when I my deadlines loom, the more I wanna run away from and just make stuff in my own la-la land. I have to learn to like my course more. Seriously. Maybe even love it. DH says, "you're running a biz and you're doing a biz course. whats the problem?" Yeah, like I really run florspace like a biz! Hmm....time to learn to be shrewed & calculative? Believe me, how I tried! Not happening.... :P Well, its not a good week, but I'm keeping myself happy by looking at my pile of fall fabrics & sniffing Erin's Sugar scrubs (We have the same weird tendencies!) Oh, hot Earl Grey tea keeps me happy too.

Anyhoo, isn't fall a great season? The time where it isn't too cold that we have to be wrapped up in a unglam bun, isn't too hot that we feel too exposed in bikinis & drinking one too many Daiquiris. When I was in Sydney, fall was my absolute favorite season. I almost treated every beautiful fall day as if it was my last, drinking alfresco, chatting with great friends at cafes til the cows come home, general gallavanting & frolicking in the golden leaves. Everything was bathed in this beautiful orange, especially during sunsets & sunrises! I do love the bare branches in winter but that was when life was great with DH around, that I had the energy to feel gray but not really just plain sad like now. Then again, though there's really hardly any fall to speak of here, I intend to just imagine it!

Still tough to keep my hands off the fabrics! *slaps naughty hands*

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Annie said...

u huh~ well, at least you cleared with your stats with flying colours. I like winter more :p i guess i m struck here unless out of the blue i have a gd job offer overseas or i struck lottery to go on to do my master.

u take care, yeah? smile~

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