Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yeap, today's my birthday. It seems like I'm edging into an interesting chapter in my life. I don't feel excited about my birthday like I used to. I would jump around, tell everyone its my day and make them say happy birthday. Afterall its the only day I could make everyone do that. Apparently at this time, everything sorta feels bland and exhausting. I know for every passing year, or even day, that I'm closing in on real adulthood - the big 3-0. To me, 30 marks adulthood. When I really have to get serious, don boring suits and get a hellish job where I hide behind mounts of paperwork and don't see the light of day. I'm not sure I look forward to that but maybe the money for a nice apartment and car. Its amazing how much people would go thru for a lifestyle. I do want a life, crave for one, but really unsure if I wanna go to that much trouble. And in fact, would I enjoy it after all that staring at the computer & dealing with ofice politics? Not to mention my terrible phobia of commitment to a job (or anything else for that matter!). I thrive too much on change.

Anyways, its been a really really nice weekend. I had to be in school for most of yesterday for class & projectwork but AJ took me to a concert at The Esplanade. I used to be a regular concert goer but somehow had lost that for sometime. The last time I was there was for The Phantom of The Opera last year. I got kick ass seats for that and it was a great show. We watched A Time To Dance, where the adorable Rossen Milanov was the conductor and the amazing Arabella Steinbacher was the solo vionlist for the second piece, Scottish Fantasy, Op. 46 by Max Bruch. Itw as walking thru Scottish fields! She has amazing control over her violin and can do the most amazing things! But nothing beats watching Rachmaninov live. I didn't quite realise it but I was watching the last composition of Sergei. I personally love Rachmaninov coz its NEVER boring listening to his music. Every piece is like a movie by itself. All the dynamic, dramatic movements....timpanis (!!), very very old world Russian village. I can just feel like I was walking through one and actually experience the life as if he described in his music. Symphonic Dances, Op. 45 is an amazing composition. I can feel his exasperation, his moans & groans, the anger, and mostly his resignation. Its amazing just to watch the music come alive. Its truly one of Rachmaninov's best, considering its his last. I love Rach 2, especially when played by Lang Lang. :+)

Oh but not forgetting to thank dear CT for the wonderful surprise! She gave me a beautiful tea for one set. A really adorable vintage-y country-esque teapot & mug set by Ginger Snaps, Decole! And a beautiful tin of Earl Gray tea from Harrods! I'll picture them a bit later coz I have trouble believing I own the tea set! LOL She's such an amazing person & friend, and for the success of florspace, I have to thank her profusely & publicly! *hugs to CT!*

Oh and of course, DH. I told him not to send anything coz the shipping is pretty nuts from Australia but he did anyways! I just opened the box and its a bit like Christmas morning! He actually found the original M*A*S*H, The Recovery Collection, bought it and sent it here! Goodness me! Tough to believe my eyes so I have it right on my desk, at least for a while! I have been yearning for this set for ages and always panicked when it disappears. Its so hard to find and the last time I looked, only one store in Sydney had it. Not sure how he found it but hoooray for DH! We have the most amazing DVD collection and its growing in numbers all the time! Oh of course, he couldn't help buying Dora. I'm not sure why but he thinks she looks like me. *roll eyes* I don't like her very much though. I much perfer Lilo (& her pet Stitch just in case you were thinking of LindsayL hehe) if I had to pick but oh well. So there, its the birthday girl sitting right up there, excited about all the wonderful surprises she's been getting these days!

And to everyone who's remembered me and have sent their greetings, electronically & via text messages, huge thanks to you guys! I feel all sweet now! *___*

ps: I'm only 28 this year. 2 more years for fun! yaaaay! Jek, I like your thinking. ;+)


Cindy said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you, Lyn.

Hazel said...

Only 30! I believe life is really just a state of mind.
I don't feel any different in many ways than I did at 20, maybe just a little wiser :D
I'm glad you had a lovely fun weekend.

Camilla said...


jek-a-go-go said...

Happy Day After your Birthday! Whoo-hoo!

ppssst...i'm 37 and i don't think i'm a grown-up yet...;)

C. said...

I was happy to leave my twenties behind but turning 30 hasn't yet made me get a "real" job. Don't worry! :)

jessie said...

A very happy birthday to you!

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