Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let's get naked....

How many of you guys actually recycle the plastic baggies I send out? Be honest! Actually, its prolly easier said than done! Reuse it my friends. Store beads, buttons & whatnots. Don't be a tosser! Tough, but it'll get easier, you'll see!

Its my birthday soon and I've been dying to lose the professional-looking plastic wrappings for the purses in my store, at least for a while! I send out all purses wrapped nicely in resealable plastic bags so they would look good, repel impending dirt & would make great gifts. But its time to lose the bags for the greater good! Think about it! No bags to recycle, no hassle, no guilt and if you're wrapping them as gifts anyhoo, it'll be perfect naked! Or even better, some of my dear people actually use the purses as the wrapping themselves! Put something nice in it and off you go! Purses will come semi-wrapped in clean & available recycled paper, tied with a twine.

Op to have your purses sent without the plastic wrappings and you get 2 bucks off each purse! That means, MiniZs are $5 and MiniBs are $7! Tell me to lose the bags in the "notes to seller" section when you order at etsy. Stock up for gifts and Christmas!

If you want to "naked" any other of my purses, convo me and I'll work out a better deal for you! ;+)

Let's get naked!

(The whole naked idea is borrowed from a dear friend/fellow etsyer/talented girl, Erin @ naiad.etsy.com Do hop on over for great body products!)

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jessie said...

Great idea...and I reckon the paper looks gogeous!

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