Saturday, October 04, 2008


Urgh. I can't believe its already October! Life has been flying past recently ever since I turned 28 2 weeks ago. Looks like I'm gonna reach 30 soon. I feel this weird pressure to get a real job from society. I'm wonder if its because I'm in the wrong place. Singapore is extremely commercial-minded. Everything's about money and about the best kind of 9-5 one can get. But maybe its not 9-5 but 8-10. LOL I'm definitely enjoying the freedom of creation, school, gym and the occasional dinners/gallavanting with friends. I just came back from one actually.

So, everyone's talking about marriage too. Seems like the whole world is in love and trying to reach that end point of matrimonial bliss. I have trouble committing to just about anything so signing my name on um, virtually anything is quite impossible. I wish the pressure would go away. In fact, I wish for the school days when everyone was alone, or hopping partners. That was the time when possibilities seems endless. Now when everyone's growing up, its all about investments, networking and getting hitched. Its kinda tired, and boring. Everyone's making friends for some kind of underlying reason. Its sinister and rife with uterior motives of a potential partnership in business or in life. Its weird how everything becomes laden with goals and promises. I live in the moment, & talk to people for fun without asking for their numbers. Isn't that a better approach in life that putting pressure & expectations on everything & everyone around us? I have to wonder, is everyone merely out to get something and do we really know what we want & eventually, would we like what we get?

Hm. Growing up sucks.

EDIT: Zizi, I'm flattered! I guess we're still too young for now. Fun's waaaay more important! hehe


Zizi said...

Beautifully written! Your words really speak to me. I'm 23 right now but I feel the same way. I like to go with the flow in my life, I can't plan things for 1 year ahead or make so many committed plans (a lot of people I know are getting married, going to graduate school etc).

I really like how you've said it:
"do we really know what we want & eventually, would we like what we get?"

Its my new favorite qoute! ;)

jek-a-go-go said...

i like to say that sometimes being a grown up sucks. pressure is everywhere good and bad. even when you find like minded people you somehow feel pressured in some way. sigh.

i feel like you do now. when i was 28 my life was just beginning all over again. it was exciting and scary and i cleaned out the friend closet big time! even now though, at 37 i feel like i don't fit in. there are good days, great days and not-so-good days. keep on keeping on and loving the you that you are is the most important thing, all the rest falls into place with a little bit of shifting here and there.

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