Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Red Marine

I feel so guilty about La Marine Rouge. This beautiful dude was sitting unglamourously backwards on the WIP pile on the sewing table for a good month before I got my tired ass sorted out among the orders to actually finish him up. I had started on him because the beautiful thick yet soft marine canvas was calling my name. "Make me into the ultimate tote!" he'd say. I had to along with that request, seach for the perfect match for the inside. I found Miss Cerulean a little while ago and thought they'd be so happy together. I was worried they'll fight. It took a bit of eye-adjusting but with the slightly lighter cerulean clone, the woven soft cotton straps, we were good to go. Not until I slacked off sewing to hit the books. When it was finished last week, its was such a beautifully unanimous union, it just stands proudly on the photo table. Such eye candy that I've always yearned for. Needless to say, I harbored thoughts of eloping with La Marine.

Sillyness aside, he's one strong dude! Will happily accompany you on beach, market & shopping trips! I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Our totes are strong! We tripe stitch every stress point, corners and centers. The straps are gone over twice inside and at least once outside! They'll NEVER come apart, even after going thru the washing machine. We know, coz we've tried. They'll carry plenty, & promise never to complain!

Just one thing, never, ever, try to feed it to your dogs. We don't guarantee that it won't fall apart then!

La Marine Rouge is $65 right here.

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