Monday, October 06, 2008

Quirky 6

Uh...*scratches head*....I got tagged by the beautiful Hazel (on my birthday, no less!) that I should do a post about "a list of 6 quirky, but fairly ordinary things about myself." This is a dilly of a picker coz I'm so quirky(or so I think!) I don't know where to start. Ok, here goes.

1) I'm kinda extreme. I either binge or eat, save or splurge, laze like never before or work like a um, dog/cow/beaver(?). Kinda explains why I get burned out quickly and also why I get bored of things quickly & thrive on change. In my teens, I actually thought a nomad life would be pretty fun. Now I really want my own home and the ability to travel.

2) I'm sensory-defensive. uh wait, is that normal? I hate crowded, loud, smokey, bright places. Puts my mind into hyperdrive & I want to kill someone. I'm not kid-friendly either. Someone needs to child-proof me.

3) I *heart* the smell & touch of fabrics. My mood can instantly be uplifted when I touch gorgeous/cute fabrics from Japan/eastern European. Is that a fetish? Other mood uplifters are a mug of good earl-grey, re-watching DVDs, fresh new magazines, surprise parcels.

4) I'm really bad at math. I mean really bad. I flunk my 5th grade math because of simple algebra. I can't do number/letter combinations for nuts. Its really bad re-living hell now coz I'm re-taking my Business stats paper for my 2nd degree. Shame on me. I can count money though. So I do accounting. hehe

5) I hate fried onion. Hates it. (Fried onion is the crunchy topping stuff you get on top of chinese food.) I love herbs though.

6) According to DH and Mom, I can pop my eyes like Homer Simpson. And DH would like to add that I move around in bed a lot and I hit him sometimes in my sleep. Oh and once I kicked him off the bed. Yikes.

Conversation over the phone
DH: I got a box from you today.
Me: What? Already? Its only been a week. Ok, don't open it til the end of the month.
DH: Ok...but I can't think of what happens at the end of the month.
Me: *rolls eyes* (Thinks to myself - Halloween, dude!)
DH: Its ok, I can wait til the end of the month.
Me: I can't!
DH: Thats quirky.



Annie said...

Hi! Your designer Shinri Katoh Brandre Reversible Huggable Robo Tote & MiniZ Wristlet set is a great work. How big is it?

I am trying to secure a tote which is bigger than the Charles & Keith one which I bought. That purchase from Charles & Keith was a mistake.

Hazel said...

Loved reading your quirks Lyn! I see you managed to combine quite a few into your list of 6 :) (what was that about math? he he)
Thanks for sharing and making me smile.

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