Monday, October 20, 2008

Tagged - 7 facts about moi

I got tagged! By the cute lostmitten. Thanks girl! (More homework for me. hehe)

Here's the rules and my 7 facts afterwards:
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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
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7 facts about moi... (I shall stay away from repeating. And may change without notice. Take with a pinch of salt. Pan-salt if you're on a diet.)

1) I'm very antsy about being clinically clean. I wear lounge slippers immediately after the evening bath and my feet never touches the ground. Similarly, I don't touch (or allow anyone to) touch my bed when I'm not showered and ready for bed. I launder feverishly when my stuff comes in contact with foreign material. Its a antagonistic because I get lazy about cleaning my room sometimes.

2) I'm not particularly socially adept in real life. It happens great one day and tomorrow I'm trippin over my spontaneous conversation & constantly say the wrong things. Sometimes I rehearse what I say and go over the conversation again in my head after to search for mistakes. I get tired of talking to real people after a while. Typing makes me feel safer. Sometimes.

3) I'm particular about grammar & pronunciation. Not because linguistics is my major at uni but its always been a passion of mine since kiddy days. This is prolly not a big thing in the 3 core English-speaking areas(America, England, Aust/NZ) but its very prevalent here in SEA. Its gets worse when people hypercorrect when they speak. Its like scratching on the chalkboard to me. Ugh. Also explains why I need to move. Fast.

4) I like CHOCOLATE. Loads of it. They make me happy. Particularly handmade truffles in crushed hazelnut, ganache & rolled in powder. I'm also a sucker for good chocolatey fudge cakes. They have to be less sweet & just-right bitter. Sometimes oreo cheesecake with the crumbled up cookie things they mash up. Mmmm....crumbled up cookie things.....

5) I like clothing made by mom. She's an amazing sewer and totally allows me to make the craziest demands. Plus I get to choose the fabric, which means only the good stuff. Have you seen what people are buying at the malls? I got disgusted recently when people are selling dresses for $80 made with materials that goes for nothing and workmanship that falls apart after one try at the fitting room. Jesus. Why buy crap when I could get quality stuff from mom and wear it to death?

6) I dream of purses & designs all the time. Happens particularly when I'm stressed & pressed for time for schoolwork/exams. The best things seem to popup when I'm stressed. Brings out the best in me I think. I think about construction & deconstruction everywhere. A great design of something else, like a house, can be translated into a purse design in my head. My brain processes thoughts like that all the time. Its uncontrollable & kinda fun actually.

7) I do not think that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Its more like stealing & pure laziness. But crap can be turned into gold these days so, whatever. And most importantly, I stop caring about what people think of me a while ago. I think its time to live for myself. If you're reading this, you could consider that too. :+) Amazingly liberating.

My tag list! (you're it! hehe)


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