Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shinzi Katoh's Mushroom & other hobo stories

Its exceedingly difficult for me to stop thinking about mushrooms, big and small, cute or classy. Its 3am here and I'm having trouble sleeping. This hobo keeps staring at me in the face. I hop on over to blogger and start to write....

I have a long standing love with Shinzi Katoh, ever since the Branche print came out, I'm floored. I rushed to grab one of his shorty totes in the Branche print. Sadly, it wasn't to my expectations as the material was a tad lumpy and the construction was a little shoddy. Was it my tote, I wondered. I never did quite use it. It sits in my wardrobe with my collection of not-quite-right bags. How many of us have that problem already? Strangely, my shoes are getting plenty of action. As I get fitter from my gym classes, my heels got higher. I even got semi-drunk on Moet during Sunday night's uncle's 65th birthday dinner. How can I refuse my dear uncle? The Moet was definitely the cherry on top of the ridiculously yummy fudge cake. I have a new addiction because of that. But I digress!

So how did panel hobos come about? 4 scores & 7 years ago(nah, not that long!), I remembered I had a piece of the Safari Dream print fabric lying around. Not big enough for a tote, not right enough for a wallet or anything else. I wanted to do something that would efficiently use the entire piece without wastage. I did a bit of shifting with fabrics and came up with the panel hobo. One of my biggest customer had to have it when shown the picture & snapped it up without waiting for it to run live on etsy. I had the same piece of fabric in about the same size for the Shinzi Katoh prints and thought I could do the same thing coz I seriously loved the panel look. It took some practice to get it perfect & as I worked on it, I fell in love with it and started working on a more of it. A bunch of wonderful people felt the same and couldn't resist them! I was more than happy to hear wonderful things they had to say about the reversibility and the cuteness. Lucky that I had the canvas red gingham on hand for Mushroom & Stroll. They work beautifully together & I'm always over the moon when I see them click like magic.

Of course, people in florspace have a weird tendency to love mushrooms. We eat them, think about them, make them and love them. I think they're awesome! Maybe one day they'll talk!

Mushroom Magic! Yaaaay!

Red & oh-so-brighty
White & very spotty
Staring at me
innocently naughty

Grown in spurts
He is stumpy, she is mighty
They are tall
All so spotty

Watch the feet!
Watch those hands!
I'm a cutie
but not for tummy

The winds gently breeze
Never shy nor lethargic
swaying in the fields of green
Mushroom magic!

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