Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CT + mini updates

It was so great to finally meet one of my very supportive customers, CT, yesterday! She had just come back from a trip to Tokyo and had brought me so much goodies I'm so thankful for! A Shinzi Katoh calender and that cute mushroom bowl I've been eyeing for yonkers! Thanks SO much Charlene!

We seem to have so much in common & she's adorable! We chatted for a couple of hours til she got hungry(sorry CT!) and my coffee went cold! I had such a great time with her and it sure was refreshing to find someone who I can talk to freely without the stress of worldy/social pressures. Our interests seem to fall within the same realm of zakka goodies and so much more! I'll be so honored if CT would be my best friend someday! She was also carrying the Biscuit tote from florspace a while ago which matched her cute lemonade top and it looked so cute on her! It made me really proud! hehe Such an amazing experience!

In other news, I found this curiously cute mini version of the DoubleA copy paper which I absolutely had to have. And my law paper went hazily by today. Its a morning paper and I wasn't in great form despite 7 hours of sleep the night before. I pray I've got everything where the marker wants. I only pity the poor marker who has to read my terrible handwriting. I'm infamous for that since junior high. Tsk tsk!

Also I've changed the twitter page a bit, coz Christmas is a-coming!
pssst! More goodies & Christmas Collection will be a-creepin' into the florspace shoppe! + the one of a kind type things you won't wanna miss! Woo-hoo!


Cindy said...

Wonderful gifts from Charlene!

My daughter bought one of this mini DoubleA copier paper too. It is really very cute. :D

Babz said...

Awww how nice that you got to meet Charlene! I bet she is just as sweet in person! Lucky for both you :p

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