Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tiny update

Thats my messy pseudo-mantel. It acts as my dresser & music system. The candle is from blisscandles. I can't live without them though its pretty pricey to ship over. I smell them as feverishly as I do Indomie. The smaller travel tin is from a very nice lady at Balmain markets in Sydney. It sports a stronger scent and I can't live without that either. Eagerly waiting new supplies from DH soon.

I've been mugging for exams. Just finished a business stats paper. There wasn't enough time and somehow my brain refused to remember certain proceedures & explainations. Bummer. I had a banana before the paper, just as I always would but this time, it seemed to overly calm my nerves, so much that I became sorta laxed and didn't care. Its not a good sign since I'm really repeating the paper. Might I really be getting old? I heard the older gals lamenting about their failing ability to learn & absorb new things. Or maybe its a selective proceedure? I have no problems making new stuff though. In fact, I keep thinking about them. Oh, then I couldn't sleep the night before thinking about the trip to Cafe Del Mar. Oh, the splashing and cute dudes! Focus.....I have to learn to deal with unwelcomed thoughts to stray me away from fabrics & the scent of the beach.

A paper coming this Tuesday, Company Law, which is what I've been cold-sweating over. I don't hate it, in fact, one of my childhood ambitions was to be a lawyer. Its gonna be a tough paper though. I sat for the mid-term test, expecting a distinction when I got a credit. I was very disappointed since I did work my ass off. I was determined to do well for this one to maintain the distinction average. Boy, it gets tougher. But of course, that determination wavers everytime I hear the sound of the sewing machine motor running. It just has this weird effect on me. And it doesn't help that I'm surrounded with mounds and mounds of yummily yummy fabric, each one calling out to me, begging me to make something out of each one of them. I think I hit my hands when it just reached out to a piece during my exasperating break this morning. I hit my limit this late afternoon when I just had to help my assistant cut up the new fabrics for more Minis this coming season. I worked fast and eagerly! My zeal paled in comparision to burying my head in the statutes & notes. That brought up snickering comments & like clockwork, my chest sunk with guilt, knowing that the clock is ticking down to my doom. My hands continued working without missing a heartbeat. How can they still do that?!

I did manage to finish my notes this evening & somehow found time to enjoy reading thru the statutes. Its weird irony in the end! I plan to hit the questions tomorrow & monday before the eventual judgment day, Tuesday. I fear the worst but hope for the best.

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Annie said...

All the best to you for your papers. Well, me been resting and nursing my bad throat infection at home. Argh~

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