Friday, October 31, 2008


Original shot by me. Just made it scarier. ;+)

Boy has time flown! I can almost vividly remember my last halloween post and it seems like nothing much has changed! I'm still in the middle of exams....which means I can't go to Cafe Del Mar's beach Halloween thing, even though I'd really want to. Boo. DH is still going to some party with his colleagues tomorrow and his getup is supposed to be some state prisoner. I shudder to think of him staggering home in the middle of the night. I hope the cops don't think he's for real. LOL He loved the halloween pressie though. I got him a L plush (kinda like this) , the Death Note diary & a feather pen (like this). He likes the Death Note stuff. Anyhoo, I was already shopping for christmas cards today while I picked up the lastest issue of Cotton Time & a new Rilakkuma schedule book. I was yearning for something raw and Paris-ty but it didn't quite work out. And I didn't find anything suitable on etsy either. Oh well, one more "lazy" year for me, working with the cute & lazy Rilakkuma. hehe

Oh yes, do print yourself (or someone) a cute halloween card by the ever talented Black Apple! More stuff to marvel, make & do at Templettes.

So whether you're off to some scary party or just laying low watching movies at home, we at florspace wish you a very happy halloweeny!

ps: DH and I were just discussing halloween costumes and it seems its true that for girls, its limited to witch or sexy kitten. He suggested politian (Palin?!) or a zombie bride. Is that all there is? hm.

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Camilla said...

I was a sexy Dorothy, from Wizard of Oz! Pictures soon on flickr!

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