Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Updates - restlessness and boredom

I gotta admit sometime that I'm getting it again. IT being the restlessness, the boredom, the quarter-life crisis feeling. I read that book a couple of years ago and shelved it coz I wasn't quite sure what the book was about. The contents are obviously already fuzzy in my brain right now, but I think I'm starting to feel for the people who accounted for the "not sure what to do" phase. I'm pretty sure what I want in life but because its a bitch and a lot of gruel getting there, I always get bored and restless every 2 years into something. And when something positive happens after 2 years, I diss it and unconsiously try to sabotage my own potential because I get worried about getting there. I am quite a commitment phobe. Its funny to recognize this still. I think the most successful "long-term-relationship" I have with anything is with DH (my education is not counted coz I keep trying to run away from it). But then a crazy amount of things happened between us during this decade or so, and I think I'm still standing on the line and constantly worry about sabotaging myself. Shhh. Its most prolly a 2-year-itch, a perpetual need to shake things up every 2 years. Hmm.

Some updates.

1) I just got a gym membership at California Fitness. Seems like a nice place with generally nice bunch of people. The classes are back-breaking, but considering my popcorn & reeces pieces/nutella spread lifestyle in sydney, I shouldn't complain but just do it for now. My limbs are aching as we speak but I'm determined to make the most out of my membership even if it kills me.

2) Whining. I'm whining again, especially to my friends. I do that when I'm bored and de-motivated. And even more so when people are asking a lot out of me. Assignments, projects and tests are slowly but surely creeping up on me and this is definitely adding up to the stress level. My hair hurts and I complain, a lot. (Sorry TC.)

3) Justin Timberlake (above. my fingers were playing shadow there). I know, I know. Its 2 years old and I'm slow to discover. Hey, gimme a break. I spend 27 hours thinking about bags a day. I started listening to my love a while back and had to come back to it. I'm not sure why but there's something to the combination of Timbaland and Timberlake. At this point, I have to say that I have no interest whatsoever in their privates lives so telling me Timbaland sleeps with Nelly Furtado isn't going to stop me from listening to Promiscuous for the millionth time. *eyeball roll* I can go on and on about his album but I'm putting Until the end of time, What goes around, My love and Apologize (One Republic & Timbaland from his album, Shock Value) on replay a lot. At night before I doze, I like all over again from JT. The hiphop/black/acid tunes really get to me. I'm a mix gal. But I have a preference for stuff by blacks. They are really more honest about life and JT is one exception. Maybe coz he worked with SD? DH still won't shave his head yet but I won't stop trying to ask. LOL The songs' MTVs are really quite mesmerizing too. Can't believe I used to diss JT because he was from N'Sync. Jez.

4) I'm also eating more amongst making stuff. I'm loving the popcorn and frozen yogurt (up there). Maybe the gym thing will balance it out. Phew.

Hope you guys are holding out well.

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