Friday, December 12, 2008

1979 Hello Kitty - SOLD

I'd wanted to put this up on etsy! But I might violate the no-kitty rule, so its available here on my blog. When its sold, there'll be a SOLD right next to the title, so you'll know. This is one cute and very functional clutch! We're experimenting with sizes, and this uber cute little fabric came into our hands before the BFW sale and it was half-done on the WIP table. I couldn't wait to get back to it! Its prolly a known fact that I'm a huge vintage fan. This print features Hello Kitty back where it started in 1979. I loved the bold colors, simplicity of the items chosen, like transport and school. The strength of influence might have come from kids. ;+)

It measures a good 8" on top, 5" tall and 3" wide bottom, perfect for your tolietries when you travel or as an everyday wristlet pouch. I know we all like to jam stuff in our bags. I'm guilty of having a bag-in-bag problem. that I think about it, its not so much a problem as it is a good habit to organize, non? White polkadots on red inside.

Comes with a 5" wrist strap, which you can feel free to dangle and swing, coz we use the good and strong YKK zippers. We'd decided to attach the strap on the zipperhead as a security feature, to remind us to zipper up before gallavanting! ;+)

$35 (S$52.50), ships free internationally, by normal airmail. (Usually $6)
Paypal at
Local peeps, email to nab this ASAP.
Do it quick, coz its a one and only, for now.

Catch? I need your feedback on size.

SOLD! Thanks CT! Boy, you've lighting quick hands! LOL

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Cindy said...

This is a real good size!! Love it :D

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