Sunday, December 28, 2008

X-mas - The Post-Mortem

From my earlier post, I was happy. It was bliss celebrating christmas with just DH in our cosy little place. My folks are touring so we were left on our own, which was heavenly. Dinner & breakfast was great, peaceful and just what I'd hoped for. I guess I was a little gloatful, too soon. We had to run out to meet DH's folks for Christmas day lunch, which has becomed a yearly tradition now. We used to go to Jack's Place at Bras Basah Complex, which was kinda nice, coz it was a quiet little spot, off the crowded malls. There was no lack of christmas spirit with their festive hats and fun pack, balloons, tooters, clappers and exploders. The food wasn't excellent, but the menu was festive enough. Steak and turkey was key. This year, they decided to go for Sizzler at Suntec. The place was pretty quiet. I soon would realize the reason - no festivities in sight. The menu boasted seafood. No turkey in sight and we had to spend about 30 bucks a person for the all-you-can-eat salad bar. No offense, but I'm never a fan of all you can eat unless it included fresh oysters & fresh raw salmon. The "Salad Bar" was disappointing, with salads and indecipherable seafood. The 4 variety of fried items were cold to eat, the crab claw, according to DH was more flour than crab. Unfortunately the ice-cream was more ice than cream. Suffice to say the food isn't pleasant, not to mention the service staff were rather rude, in speech as well as in service - rushing to clear the table way too quickly than appropriate. We all agreed it was back to Jack's Place next Christmas. phew!

We caught Ip Man (eep mun) in the night. I had to wait in my 3.5 inch diamante heels for 3 hours in a suburban mall, wearing a black with white polkadots 50s style dress, among throngs of t-shirt/shorts clad dwellers. It wasn't the day I'd expected. It felt like harsh reality, coupled with the pinch in my feet. The mall didn't have a bookstore (surprise, surprise *eye roll*). I remember asking DH several times, "Don't these people read!?" I wished I was stuck somewhere with a cafe and bookstore. The cafe corner we went to had a very lame christmas clown/philanthropist performance. I did not appreciate the noise, nor the kids and adults clamouring over our table. Oh, and we had to wait for the movie to begin coz there was a slight problem and most of the earlier shows were filled.

The movie was lovely. I left feeling my heart had been tugged to bits seeing the subtle lightning-fast hand movements of Ip Man. It reminded me so much of the days I used to practice Wing Chun. Nevermind the story in the movie didn't have a proper beginning of where he got his skills etc or it was too much propaganda of the art. It was suppose to be his life-story afterall. I felt pretty priviledged to be able to know more about this guy. The beauty of Wing Chun to me, is the small, efficient, functional movements it prides itself. Without the use of big, brutish, garish movements, one can still defeat a giant, if need be. I loved that I could one day still defend myself in small space, like a toilet cubicle, or in an elevator. Seeing Ip Man's movements was truly amazing, especially the use of the 6.5 pole, which I sadly never got to learn. I had to stop several years ago since there was a lack of people to play with. Someday!

My folks are returning so I had to do some cleanup this evening. Found more roaches around. I fail to understand these creatures. I had really traumatic experiences with them as a kid so everytime I see one, I have a mini heart attack, never mind I'm a grown adult, I can leap away like I'd seen a ghost. It doesn't help that my senses are ridiculously sharp (DH said so), that I can detect a Vuitton fake from miles like I can see a roach dead or alive 10 metres away. I'd decided to situate multiple cans of strong insecticide around the house. Finally I'd realise a couple of days ago, they're coming from the chute. In the older estates, the chute is still in apartment. Ours had prolly gotten old & maybe loose, that weird creatures would find its way into my place. I do still have mini traumas when I see them, & they are responsible for my occasional night terrors but now that I've sort of found the source, its kinda easier to find them. I hope they'll go to my fancier neighbors instead. :P

Kinda wish I was still living on the 29th floor of my Sydney apartment. No weird living creatures there. Oh wait, my husband. LOL

Christmas pictures. (The happy ones)

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