Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to you! ;+)

Hey Babes and doods! Just wanna squeeze in a quickie to say MERRY CHRISTMAS you all! Hope you guys are having the greatest time just chilling out with friends and family! May lovely things happen to all you wonderful people!

This year's quiet for us, but oh so enjoyable. DH and I had such a great time whipping up dinner in our own little casa, by little tealights & High Society's Passion cd. Cosy romance doesn't get better than this. DH thinks its the best christmas ever. Perhaps without the hustle and bustle of dining out under pressure of crowds, crappy food and high prices! ;+) It was storming outside too. The warmth of the tealights really fell into place nicely. I'm just glad we all had such a great time!

Our Christmas menu
(mostly concocted by moi! hehe Pictures!)
Starters - herb fromage & wholemeal baguette
Soup - Creamy red with diced carrots, onions & apple (I have no name for this one, merely an inspiration, but it turned out so beautifully and complimentary with the cheese and bread! Such a sweet surprise. Even DH, who isn't a red-soup person, loved it. whew!)
Salad - Small serve of over-the-counter butter leaves, croutons, cherry tomato & thousand island dressing
Main - Roast Turkey breast from the gourmet counter, with sauteed garlic granules in light butter, herb, mushroom and tiny drizzle of honey. (DH loved the tiny sweetness!)
After Dinner - Organic peppermint tea (from one of my swaps!) with an order of log cake from The Coffee Bean, which turned out surprisingly yummy with the slight bitterness of the ganache & rich chocolate. The tea truly refreshed our palate with every forkful of cake!

There was champers with cranberry in it thru dinner. I had to settle for something cheaper, though I was running over town looking for Moet (I'm a huge fan!).
Nuts. Next time!

Can't wait for christmas morning!
psst! I bought DH a bunch of books he'd love! hehe

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