Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost good-bye 08

I admit, I got nothing, except for this picture of me opening CT's pressie on christmas morning. I love christmas mornings. The happy memory of opening presents will stick with me for good, or least I'm trying really hard to keep it that way. Its still pretty busy down here. My folks are back. Not that I'm complaining, since I've bitched about the rubbish-chute being the doorway to roach-hell. I wish they'll find someone to fix it soon. I would, but hey, its not my place, not my call. They also brough back yummy cakes and bix from Taiwan and HK. They'll tide me over for a while. I can spend my snacking money on more handmade goodies from etsy! Woo-hoo! See? I'd make my christmas last. LOL

DH's still busying trying to finish up his book chapter. Pretty stressed I think, since its due like tomorrow. I hate being caught up my pants til the 11.59 hour and you know guys, they never listen. So I'm playing this one cool. Bet he'll want to jump out the window when his thesis is due next year. *sniggers*

I spent the yesterday and today running errands and packing up yummy goodies and hanging thingies for florspace peeps. Yeah man, they all take time to pretty up and are all hand done, one by one! Its the packaging and the love that matters to me. I hate it when people just throw your stuff into some bag and shuff it to you. God, that happens everytime I get supplies. I hardly stalk the malls and mostly avoid them at all costs, especially weekends. Shoot me if you see me in one. Then again, I'd prolly be badly behaved or zombied-out by then. heh heh

Not sure why, but sending packages to Australia, mostly NSW, makes me miss Sydney life a lot. Maybe its the coastal winds, the fact that I can turn a corner without bumping into someone, or highly likely that its mostly roach-free. I miss my insect-free 29th floor apartment a lot. Feelings like these does hit home bad, its making me want to say yes to working 16 hour days mindlessly in some cubicle just to be able to afford a home there asap. I'm truly in 2 minds about that one. Its funny though, coz I work almost round the clock now, but I'm not feeling crummy about it at all. I admit the thought of working real life makes me remember that I hate the early mornings when I have to get up and pick clothes at some unearthy hour, survive the rush hour, the lunch hour, the bitchy colleague, and the overtime nights. Will I have time to make stuff, go to the gym, enjoy an afternoon movie in the comfort of my home? Guess not. The huge 'but' here is, we gotta pay the bills. Life does suck a little when that has got to be on the table. Hmm....

Ah, that brings us to the resolutions. I still wanna make more yummy stuff in 2009! Thats a given! But I'm also gonna put yummy things for your home in florspacehome so do bookmark that. They will be limited and unique, though still maintaining our philosophy for cuteness & function. Expect our tried and tested big coasters, table containers, table mats, floor mats, reading blanket, etc. Boy, I've waited long enough to make them! Just gotta fine-tune the materials and design. I suspect someday my thirst for perfection will kill me. Oh wait, maybe I'd already know that. LOL

Have you guys made any resolutions for 09 yet? Share your quirkiest one!

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