Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thank You

Its been such a long week, yet it truly felt like it disappeared in a split of a moment. When I'm delved deep in sewing, packing or online admin, it felt like forever. Yet time would fly by faster than the speed of light. There were so many world issues - market crashes, airplane troubles for Qantas, terrorist attacks in mumbai, strikes in Bangkok, yet florspace reported a truly remarkable audience during the Black Friday Weekend sale. We are truly humbled and appreciative of everyone and anyone who waited by the screen patiently for the sale to commence, those who came, saw, grabbed feverishly, paid immediately and on time and to everyone who's been so understanding of our situation and the true lack of time by not asking for too much customs. We feverishly sewed, packed, relisted and sent out your packages in hope that it will all reach happy people in time for Christmas! It is such an immense joy when our purses were described as 'the perfect stocking stuffer'. We couldn't have been prouder coz it was exactly what we wanted everyone to feel! Everyone deserves the good stuff!

With tears in our eyes, we want to convey our sincerest thanks to everyone for all your support this year, and may you guys have a peaceful, wonderful & sparkling Christmas with your loved ones!


_pdra said...

Many cheers for florspace!!! :D:D:D

JoE said...

Congrats for a great sale! We all love your stuff because your great workmanship shines through each piece you produced!

Merry Christmas!
--Joseph, MonsterGallery

Laura said...

Thank YOU for your beautiful work, Lyn. Here's to more pretty purses, fabulous bags and funky fabrics in 2009!

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