Thursday, December 18, 2008

6 days more...

Oh goodness! Where has the time gone! Its been such a busy time, DH is back for christmas and we've attended my BFF's wedding where I had to do duties as a bridesmaid. It was good fun and so happy to see her happily married! We've been busy shopping, eating and generally gallavanting around town! We've been busy here at florspace still, managing last minute gifts, donations for families to have a nicer christmas (Barefoot mommies!) and whipping & whooping up loads of restocks! *pant + sweat* And there's gonna be spring & pink collection coming too! Loads of pink & prettiness! If you love Japanese prints, stick around! ;+)

Whew! DH just told me that we managed to scoot in a last order for the log cake. He couldn't find the log that he wanted despite shopping around for days! *eye roll*

Anyhoo.....if we don't blog within these 6 days, do have a smashing christmas! And meanwhile, do checkout out cube wallets, just in! You now how hard it is to make them and how much time we take so they'll come in bit slowly. :+)

ps: CT, Bazillion thanks for the christmas pressie! That was really sweet & unexpected! Gonna be under my tree til christmas. See if I could wait til then. LOL

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