Thursday, August 30, 2007

Crap, I shouldn't even be awake. I have classes in the morning and I'm known to get really upset without enough sleep, i.e. 10 hours. Yeah, DH thinks I sleep too much so I remain cute & childlike. Don't people get it? I hate being called cute. LOL

New tags. I ordered them a while ago in a huge batch so promise you people buy more of my stuff k? hehe They are woven, loads more professional and lovely to look at too! And, I did set up but its not up yet. Most of my stuff are still on etsy. I need help with building a website. Anyone wanna do it for a penny? I know, I know, I prolly should DIY. But with school and making stuff, I can hardly find time to breathe. And etsy's been giving weird problems lately. I'm taking hours to do listings coz it keeps gettin stuck. Jez, we're paying fees, dude!

I'm hitting the hay, right now, before I turn nasty. LOL

Press notes - Debbie has done a bit of advertisement for me! Thanks so much dear! ^___~

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Brrrrrrringggg! Early pressies for moi

Sunset on Sunday. I meant to blog earlier coz I had to tell you guys about my sunday but hell, reality always takes over. Work, work, work. Anyways, I had a nice Sunday shopping and receiving early b'day pressies! Wow!

Sungei Road market. I was dying to look for a rotary phone, since time immemorial so I thought I might try my luck there. There were 2 rotary ones but the condition was pretty bad. They were rusted and really icky. Dad found a watch there and he also got me a replica of a Panerai Marina, which I really wanted but can't afford. :P Then the cover came out 2 days later when I wore it to school. I took it off immediately to refrain from any more embarassments. I'm usually not a replica person but a watch is a watch is a watch. And yes, I'm not picky about my watches either. I'm proud of my antique face, traditional silver strap casio.

More market shots. This is basically a place for picking up really cheap stuff. Its really hot out in the open so we had to make a brisk trip. In fact, I think my present flu-symptons has something to do with this trip. It was fun nonetheless. :+) early b'day pressie from mum & dad. Where did I finally find this, you ask? It was at some old department store. They only had blue and green. I made my choice. Its a new phone, made in Japan, no less! Its mine, finally I have a phone in my room and its a new retro vintage rotary. Yaaaaay! Makes a great loud ringing sound too!

Then I grabbed this pair of rubber slippers for my Saturday morning swims. But they were so cute and comfy, I've been wearing them everywhere. I'm bringing them to the sydney beaches next year when I visit DH. Bye bye Havaianas! Ok, I was kidding. I'd always love Havaianas.

I found these Yo-Yo makers from Clover in AMK while having dinner. Who said the burbs didn't have good stuff? Look closer, people! I think I've been affected by Wendy's need to make Yoyos. I haven't used them yet, but hope to soon!

A really really yummy Korean pizza snack I got from the Korean Grocer's among a whole bunch of supplies. I think I bought it because of the box, and maybe because I was hungry. I like how they point out the different ingredients on the cute pizza itself. Isn't it fetching? Low calories & yummy!

My new patent flats. I don't buy shoes often but my mum insisted on these coz she was buying the same pair in white. They look kinda nice with the perforations. In reality I live in my white birkenstocks. Maybe thats why reality sucks? The weather here takes away all my motivation to look nice. I'm a different person in Sydney. Really. I get stopped in the streets by people who want to know where I got my top, bottoms, shoes etc. Nothing happens here. LOL

People were asking for large deco tape rolls. These were what I can get my arms on. $5.

Tune in next time for more pointless stories!

p/s: My canisters came today and they really made me smile ear-to-ear!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Awesome re-make people

My neck is still bad and I'm having weird mouth sores and has been dependant on lip balm for a week. I'm not sure why and I'm not trusting GPs so I'm hoping it'll go away soon. And ps, I don't have HIV & family. *sticks tongue out* There's also a flu bug going round the world apparently. DH is sick too. Take care people, its certainly a bad time. I'm super stressed from dealing with people in school too. Don't ask. Time to mention some great people!

Anyways, I've been wanting to mention this super talent for a while. I happened to find this shop when I was browsing thru the awesome re-craft blog. I'm a tree hugger, but you all prolly know that already and I'm currently in awe of people who can re-make successfully. Can you believe this bag was made from recycled materials? God, it looks like a piece of art by itself! I'm dying to buy it but my etsy bill is $200 and my credit card is one bill away from being snapped in half so please, don't buy it. Baby, I'll grab you soon! Wait for me! ... Anyways, do check out Garbagebag, great great stuff! Designer's from Helsinki, one of my fav cities with great design ideas! Nice, clean lines, strong, yet understated, overall super chic. I'm also so in love with the new messenger at the shop. Talk about super clever use of used denim! I've never seen such a great version so whoever's it reserved for, you lucky thing! Go look!

Yaaaay! One more of my favs! Magiscforestcreations says, ''my clay is recycled from the earth. that's why i love pottery. it can be so simple, use nothing man made or harmful, and still be incredibly useful''. With these great words, comes the great wares made from the earth! What could be better having your morning cereal in a bowl made with love and a clunk of the earth? Gorgeous blues and some really great colors in her shop! People in US, you have no excuses. Shipping is a bitch when its international. I'm still saving up for a set of nesting bowls. et tu?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crazy week, vintage find, blog mentions + new wristlets

Jez louise! Is time running like the water at my tap these days or is it just me?! I'm not kidding, life has been very brisk for me these days! Tons of mail to send, tons of purses to make, tons of email to answer and school to go. But I do really enjoy what I'm doing (even the lecturers are better than the acca ones imo, no judgment!) so I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but this is like I've never lived before! At least I now know I'm gonna die happy.
Look at the bag of packages there! I've been going to the PO with 2 bags full each time (Baa Baa yellow sheep? heh heh). The nice PO lady has been putting up with me! Oh and she even ordered a purse from me yesterday!
I'm glad I have dad to take me there and back recently. He's been really nice when I request for transport. Taking public transport with these packages laden bags invite loads of curious stares, not to mention I look like a bag lady. I'm not a fan of stares & unfortunately, its like that here. I was happier in Sydney when people left you alone, even when I was wearing a girl's dress (Lolita syndrome, courtesy of Japan's EGL wave!). I'm still a big fan of those uber adorable lolita dresses (Baby SSB esp!) but I think I had one too many Reece's so I can't fit into them right now, not to mention I look ridiculous among the tees & berms clad Singaporeans becoz they're gonna stare & its freakin hot. Sigh.

Oh, and I threw my neck out. I think it was my sleeping position but its been bad since Friday. I can't move my neck much and it hurts quite a bit. I hope it goes away soon. The weather has been unforgiving too. :+( I heard the summer's been horrible to people in Europe and the torrential rains around the world. Take care and drink loads of liquids, friends. Oh and your pets too! And, take care of the earth. Seems like the theory of Day After Tomorrow's true? I hope its not too late to save the earth. This young and very pompous girl I came across while grocery shopping this evening exclaimed loudly that its "a waste of money buying groceries on Wednesday" coz its the day when we have to pay for plastic bags. Isn't that appalling? I always bring my own bags when grocery shopping, all shopping actually. I've been refusing plastic bags. Let's all try to do that? (Yeah, I'm a tree hugger. *shrug*)

I couldn't resist taking a pic! Its a super cute package going out to a big fan of my purses. I'm not gonna say who coz it'll spoil the surprise! Hope she likes... I miss wrapping things like that. Don't get me wrong, all your packages are painstakingly wrapped and noted, not to mention they take up loads of time to! I guess I just miss making the bigger totes & sets and really wrapping them up nicely. People who are waiting for my larger bags & wallets, please be a tiny bit more patient with me! They are coming, I promise. But since we're not a faceless company-type-factory, its takes more time to insert love and care in the creations. I don't create shabby things for money because I want you guys to really use the stuff I make! They're better in action. ;+) So just a bit longer! a bit a bit a bit........loooooooonger........ *sweat*

An awaited package from Melissa Michael came today! I made her a bag for the bag swap on flickr so she sent me these 2 clutches. I wanted something classy to bring out at night. I love these, perfect for my 101 black dresses I own. She wants me to alter it a bit so when I get to do that, I'll take a pic again. :+) Thanks Melissa! I love the cute flower fabric inside! And the Reece's! You really spoil me! And I'm gonna frame the cupcake card. Its got such cute sentiments! "Heaven is a cupcake with vanilla icing." YUM...

I think most people know by now, I'm a big fan of vintage! I've been looking for these red Kromex canisters forever. I finally found them recently and they're enroute to me! I'm not gonna say when or how or where I got them coz then you'll get to things before I do! :P Yeah, I'm bad. Anyways, a kitchen's not a kitchen without pretty canisters. It'll be an early b'day pressie for myself! Still a pity I couldn't find the whole set. These are the 2 smaller ones only. Oh well.

Mentioned in HandmadeCrafts!

Mentioned by J! I love the picture! It means so much to me that my MiniZ is pictured in action being useful! (instead of lazing around. heh heh)

2 new wristlet pouches! They are slightly bit different from each other but both fabulous. I scored some really cute clips so I decided to use them here. Japanese quilt cotton fabrics with Japanese zakka-style linen. I think I'm too affected by the Japanese magazines. LOL

Go look!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Crazy week, creations, Simpsons movie

Jez~! Its been one very crazy week! My shop had such a boom and tons of people keep telling me my stuff are great! I think I'm one great comment away from being stuck to the ceiling! LOL No, I'm kidding...I'm sincerely glad people find my stuff cute, functional and durable. I do pride myself with good materials & construction, so HUGE thanks everyone! I'd hug you if it ain't virtual. LOL... The stars are for you guys, because you made it happen for florspace. ;+)

Ahh.....the quinessential patchy tote, with some of the favourite florspace fabrics rolled into one. Its been around for a while now but I wanted a good opportunity to list it and then, well, my tired ass dragged all over town to get supplies & post stuff, I had no time, literally. School's been driving me nuts (already!) and I really want to make up more MiniZs for the early Christmas shoppers, and at a great price, no less! ps, I had to sit around for an hour to leave 130 feedbacks just now. I think my neck is out. :P Oh wait, I was talking about the tote you see listing it in a bit. Not too expensive coz its made up of scraps & salvage fabrics, all in the name of Saving GAIA. ^___^

Oh yes, my elephants came, all the way from Nova Scotia where they were born, under the skilled hands of Hazel! I'm so in love with them....really. They live on my bed now, 500 thread count egyption cotton sheets. Should be happy! Actually I can't sleep on less coz my skin is super sensitive, couple with the Sensory disorder thingy, its the only thing I can sleep on. Anyways, if you haven't checked out Hazel's shop, you should already! I have here on my awesome people list, so go now. She's got very adorable little animals for sale too! YUM!

Mamegoma drawstring bag. I made this in haste, don't ask why. I think I was stressed or something. Then I got idiotic and forgot the label. LOL So now, I've gotta figure out a way to put one on or use it myself. I can't decide yet.

Another super cute zakka bag I haven't listed yet. Very adorable fabric from Japan and yup, Japanese linen, stamped with a shroooom! Soon, I promise.

A pen case I was supposed to make for someone but she didn't want it in the end. Any takers? The fabric was lying around and I thought I'll finish it anyways. Its bigger in size, about 8 inches in length. I can't list it on etsy coz its Sanrio fabric. Mail me if you want it. :+) Just $18.

To destress, I watched Simpsons Movie yesterday. I know I prolly should've been one of the earliest to rush to the theatre but I like watching movies when there's no one around so I usually wait a couple of weeks before I go. And like magic, the theatre was empty yesterday. I was alone and for a while I felt kinda eerie. Its the Chinese halloween month afterall. LOL I'm not superstitious but you know, these things get to you. Anyways, the movie was hilarious but I do agree with the critics that its not fantastic. Did we have too high expectations? I'm not sure, but maybe a decade of 30 mins comedy has kinda sunk in that it becomes kinda stale when its a prolonged version. That said, I would still grab a copy of the dvd when it comes out because its great and made by a whole bunch of awesome people!

p/s: that shot above was taken when I was at the bus-stop waiting for the bus home. Looks like the giganic ferries wheel is almost ready... "Singapore eye" anyone?

Have a fantabulous weekend everyone!
I'm off to mail 2 large bags of stuff.

"Spider pig, spider pig, do whatever spider says..."

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I've been tagged, by the talented Juliet of thebrokenplates. Thanks Juliet!

"The idea is that female bloggers would have a chance to support and give some recognition to each other, every Rockin' Girl Blogger would tag five and so on..." quoted from Juliet's blog. :P

Jek of scrumdillydilly

Hazel of Blossomhill Cottons

Marsha of MarshaToh

Denise of Warm 'n Fuzzy

Jill of Visions of felties and Japanese fabric

There, done and done. Go tag some girls already!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yaaaay! Anniversary SALE is on! ;+)

Yeap, I've finally edited the etsy listings to $5 so you can all go and grab some cute+functional goodness! Perfect for organizing your bag and for gift-giving too! I can't think of more reasons to justify this splurge! LOL (etsy's been working up a bit so hopefully it'll be fine for you guys when you purchase! Otherwise, give me a shoutout and we'll do manual. :)

K, enough shamless advertising & on to a bit of updates... Its been a stressful week with classes back to back and weird people to deal with. I've been planting my own existence in cyberspace since I came back from Sydney coz its been too difficult and painful to deal with the real world here. I heard this American guy in Hong Kong say, "I won't live here even if you paid me a million dollars". I feel the same way about Singapore. I know, I know, its safe, secure, blah blah blah but its just not me. I plan to escape once my 2nd degree ends. CPA Australia promised they'll help with jobs and migration. Better not flake out on me!

Good stress relief? CRAFTING! I've been sneaking to sew things coz the real life was too exasperating. Last Sunday I was feeling particularly crummy while I was flipping thru Summer's edition of Cotton Time and I came across a teapot at the back pages and I really wanted it! I thought, hell, I can make one. And so I did. I stood at the kitchen counter, between the sewing machines and cloth cutting, it took me 7 hours to create this teapot (reminds me of the hours I took to make a real teapot at pottery classes years ago!). I couldn't leave it undone! Its not filled inside, coz its kinda like a storage canister which makes it all the more challenging to make. No exposed seams and funny stuff! *phew!* I guess it looks decent for a 1st try. ;+) Cute green dot fleece inside. I'm not sure what to put inside yet, but the thing is I got my teapot. LOL Yaaaay! Satisfaction! (French mug was a present from a friend

The limey green inside. I wanted a puffy top like the one in the mag but somehow it turned up puffy inside instead. D'oh! Better luck next time!

Oh and I collected this package from the PO today. It was a big box from DH, from his trip to Japan for some asia pacific rim convention stuff at a university. I sat right at the back & tore up the box on the bus home. Who can wait?! And out pop all this great bunch of fabrics! He actually took the trouble to buy fabrics for me! I know he doesn't have a clue about fabrics but look at this bunch he got!! My collection is officially ridiculous! LOL Hugs to DH. ;+) They smell sooooooo good! :P

Oh and he said I needed a An Pan Man stress ball and a monkey mug. (??)

Ok, go shop now. ;+)

Friday, August 03, 2007


You've heard and seen it here first. The new collection to mark the 1st Ever Anniversary of florspace! There will be balloons, bubbly and loads of fun! Yaaay!

You people are the ones who made it happen for us! To thank all of you guys, the Mini Zippereds in the Petites section will be at only $5 each! If you've been thinking of grabbing a florspace MiniZ, now's never better! Old favourites, yummy summer colors & spanking new designs all for one low price! Grab a whole bunch, save on shipping and make sure you're never lack of stocking stuffers at the end of the year! Really, it pays to shop early. ;+)

When's this gonna be? On the 8th of August, for a whole month!
(Couple more days, people. Save your Moolah!)

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