Friday, February 22, 2008

Life + valentines

And I didn't realise it. My last post was the 200th post! Meaningless milestones I know, but its a biggie for me since I've never been good at keeping up with online communities. Seriously, I have learnt to loathe the "register" command at every website. Coz I know it'll be ages before I return and its a pain trying to memorise the login and pw. Now that I think about it, I'm more of a commitment phobe than most men. Tsk. I hope I can blog more often anyways. If you're reading this, you're loved. ;+)

These couple of weeks are pretty crazy with school running down my neck and me trying to squeeze every second I have sewing, packing and running to the PO. Just so you know, I'm a bazillion times happier doing stuff for florspace than going to school. I've got a hopeless lecturer for costing this sem and I hate costing. I'm praying for a pass. Help me? Anyways, I keep dreaming about new stuff to make! The inspirations are running like water on tap and its almost insane to keep track of them. I have notepapers scribbled with designs everywhere. I think the costing lecturer caught me drawing when I was supposed to finish tutorial 7.2 (or was it 7.1?, whatever.) I left sheepishly. To think that I spent the last few sleepless nights trying to complete 3 past exam questions. Statistics mid-term next week. No time to bum around.

So we spent valentines literally taking a breather. DH surprised me in school after class with a long stemmed rose, the big strong kind he used to surprise me with in high school. Yeah, we go waaaaaay back. LOL Anyways, he also got me the zakka carriage bear set I've been drooling over but can't justify buying. Suffice to say it costed a bomb. Yikes! We went to the airport for old times sake. We used to study for major exams there. You can't do that anymore apparently. Quiet dinner at the canteen was great and walking around aimlessly like we used to, gets rid of stress. I think its one of the best valentines we had. Who needs to pay for dinner at 3 times the usual price in a crowded place to get romantic?

Anyways, I'm dying to make more stuff.
Just for the sake of making stuff.
I get edgy when I don't get to sew.
Did you check out our new design launch yet?

(Music playing - Bullet for my valentine, The Poison)

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Annie said...

Hi my dear friend,

Sorry to hear that you're racing with time nowadays. Well, for me, I am taking my own sweet time. I have ended my last temp assignment and now lazying around since school is history for me now. Looking for another temp job before my results will be released in perhaps April. Wat a long wait, sigh~

Me a lousy gf, did not get anything for my bf but he got me Alfred and its other half (the teddy bear from the Korean drama serial, "Princess Hours"). *Smile* We had a simple V day this year too.

Oh yes, I rem DH picking you up from sch on V day when we were back in High sch and we teased and envied you about it. So happy for you guys. Still waiting patiently to receive your wedding invitation.

Btw, do you rem Miss Emily Gan? She is not doing so well with regards to her health. She is hospitalised at SGH. Alex and me paid her a visit a week ago.

Wow~ I better stop here. It's rather lengthy.

Take care and don't stress out. I hate Stats and Costing, so u r not alone.

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