Saturday, February 09, 2008

Wallets & mushrooms back on track

I realised my last annoying post bordered on people throwing rotton eggs at me. I do apologize if I offended CNY fans or anyone. I guess I was a waaaaaay too tired over the whole ordeal. Today parents are out to Sentosa on a flower admiring trip and DH and I woke up late and had a nice breakkie at Delifrance. Some beef baked rice & Perrier with fresh lemon & all hatred almost gone. I'm planning to have one more day of rest lest I get into another horrible mood in the middle of next week, which is prolly the last thing I need. We're playing Burnout Revenge later. Hopefully when DH goes out tomorrow, I can spend the day whipping up more good stuff for you guys! yaaaay!

One more of the fabulous 5 making its way to the florspace shoppe! Its the red bunnies, all happily leaping around on a very red textured background. Its quite unexpected that people seem to love red from my shop lots so this is one dedication to the lovers of this red & very hot color! Woohoo!

Dinner yesterday. Mum added these very adorable straw mushrooms in the soup and DH was so amused by the cuteness, he kept spooning them up & showing it to me. Apparently he thought some of them looked like lamps and some of them like the umbrella ghost of Japanese folktales. And I said, "Fine! Take a picture, it'll last longer"
And he happily did. Men! *eye roll*

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marsha said...

i'm glad the pic was taken...that is one dang cute mushie! :D

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