Friday, February 29, 2008

Life updates!

Hey guys, first of all, HUGE thanks to everyone who has been reading my blabberlings here and dropping sweet comments here and in emails. I haven't been exactly prompt with my reply coz its been a crazy week with school. Its not a good excuse I know, especially when I'm late with postings and things don't arrive to you great people who bothered to buy my stuff. Seriously, I worry about the packages not reaching all the time and I worry about not getting them out in time coz I buy all the time too and get annoyed when packages gets late. So, sincere apologies to anyone who's griping because the stuff hasn't arrived. We're really doing our best to make everything nice and smooth. (I still pack orders at 3am and run to the PO before & after school.)

When I get stressed, I go shopping. Its cliche I know, but better than eating. I'm running on alternate days but snacking is always getting me down eventually. I'm breaking my promise to stop buying unecessarily but there are waaaaay too many good stuff out there. The other day I was really mad when I lost a gigantic poet sleeve vintage blouse on ebay. Then again, I scored a couple of good stuff. That super cute yellow enamel pot up there? From RetroKitsch. Also got a vintage sewing basket from JewelsByDesign, a blue vintage woven leaher clutch from junkenvyetsy, another gorgeous foldover blue clutch from vintagerevolver that came super quick, 4 days, baby! And a cute luggage from VictoryVintage. I had actually wanted the red one from her too but she didn't reserve it for me. :P But I got the blue one in the end. Vintage stuff are my ultimate weakness. Sigh.

I woke up the other day revisiting my wish to pack light. I'd always been the bag lady du jour. Bagging everything I think I'll need on the road. Jesus, I wasn't even travelling, or at least that'll be an excuse. So, I brainstormed and fixed up a mini granny-esque bag. Methinks the original grannies are a tad tired hence a cuter style! I managed to carry a scientific calculater, cell, wallet, tissue, mirror, 2 lippies, keys and a mini moleskine in it! I'm not crazy about how it turned out so I'm gonna improve on it before it goes into the shoppe. What do you guys think of this cute new Petite Pochette Accessoires? ;+)

(Management biz mid-sem next week. Eugh.)

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Annie said...

All the best to you for your Management biz mid-sem next week!

Me trying my luck at the jobs which are floating in the market now.

Take care and try to relax lah~

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