Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Design Launch - The Carte Wallet

Florspace has a new design! We've been sweating over this for months now. Its strange to think that since it looks a rather simple design. Not so simple it seems to come up with something perfectly simple, that is. We've received quite a number of requests for card holders coz apparently, lots of people use card wallets! Its not surprising since we pretty much live in a card age and real money seems to soon become a quaint notion. Nonetheless, I thought about the design over and over, most of the time when I'm in the loo or spacing out in class or on the hellish public transport.

As Japanese zakka fans can probably tell, its in a zakka style, with handcovered buttons and linen rope closure. Inspired by my current cube wallets, the design and size was experimented about 5 times over before this final product. I wanted to incorporate style, functionality and cuteness all in one. Hence the choice of only the most fabulous fabrics, cutest buttons, & the capacity to hold 100 business cards or a stack of plastics & paper cash all in a simple bi-fold wallet.

Having bought a bunch of hand covered buttons supply from Japan, it was in good time to use up my over flowing drawer of fabric scraps to salvage the most adorable designs for the buttons on the carte wallet. I personally think it compliments it nicely! For the red piggies wallet, I used a plain red cotton but there will be cuter designs coming. Check the last pic of our new listing for a sneak peek of which's next!

Check out the stack! Your cards will be swinging in style! Never run out again and have people ask where did you get your super cute holder! ;+)

Feel free to swing the removable clip wrist strap. Stress points are all double stitched to ensure durability. Gallavanting guaranteed!

Only $18, right here.

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Nicky said...

Hi, I adore your wallets, and reading your blog makes me smile so im forwarding you a "You Make My Day" Award.

Details of it can be found on my blog.

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