Monday, February 04, 2008

Le Concentrism

This conversation happened 2 days ago (I think. My concept of time is almost missing). Friend and I were shopping.

Friend: You didn't blog about Le Concentrism.
Me: Huh? Whatza?
Friend: Le Concentrism.
Me: What are you talking about? Hey that bag looks cute!
Friend: Yours was more fetching.
Me: Huh? Which one? You wanted something?
Friend: No, I mean you didn't blog about the Concentrism bag, the one with circles.
Me: Oohhhh....that tote. I didn't?

Here it goes.

Once upon a time.... a girl was working in her cute factory and realised she ran out of supplies! Off she went in her red hoodie and wicker basket into the woods and into the city she tread in search of the good stuff for her little factory. She stopped at a little fabric shop after getting the nobs and bobles as she always does and looked with her sharp little eyes for the wonderful things hidden behind bales of duller choices. Without disappointment, she chanced upon something gleaming in the far dark corner of the shop. It was hidden behind larger rolls of fabric that virtually dawrfed her petite frame. Her heart was palpitating with excitement. Could it be the one? The one wonderous fabric that would scream out to her, get me outta here & make me into something! Anything! Make me good! She hopped on one feet hoping to get a better glimpse of whatchamacallit. "Sir, could you help me?" She asked politely. "Of course, little one. Which would you like?" the dear old man answered. She pointed out to the little gleaming spot of orange and red. "Aaahh, that one. Might take a while..." She waited patiently, without expectations as she was used to the disappointment that it might not be anything great. However, this time, it was different coz she had a little gleam of that special feeling right at the bottom of her heart that it might just be something great. Bales and bales of fabric came out, some slinky, some dull, some spotty, some smooth. The old man painstakingly removed the bales and set them aside, all in the unseasonable warmth. Immediately she felt bad for him. Unfortunately the old man wouldn't let her help in consideration of her petite frame, the bales might just topple over her. As he finally reached the last dark navy bale of fabric that covered the One, she held her breath.

It is the One. The one such fabulous fabric that would complete her, at least for that day. It was gleaming among the dark, all that concentric circles in reds and oranges, perfectly combined with whites all on the great decorator weight canvas. As the bale of concentric cirlces was brought closer to her for inspection, she sighed and caress the fabric as if it were silk.

"How many yards would you like?" The old man asked, jolted her concentration. "2 yards, please" she said, without looking up. She was fixated on the circles and was floating into the retroness of it all. The bale was removed and exactly 2 yards was snipped, folded and packed into her basket. She paid and thanked the man. As she was leaving the shop, she turned back and saw the old man putting the bale back into the corner and wondered who would be lucky enough to spot the wonderous behind the masses. She felt sad to leave the rest of the fabric in the shop behind, but happy to be swinging the find of the day in her basket.

And home she went, conjuring infinite possibilities for her new find all through the woods.

(Long ass story, but that pretty much happens everytime. :+)


Jill said...

That just positively made me smile. Oh how I love that bag.

marsha said...

i absolutely LOVE that story! that pretty much happens to me when i go bead shopping. lol ... ^-^

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