Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MWTWT Ad is up!

Our ad is up! I love MWTWT a lot coz Leah's selections of lust objects always leave me drooling. So we at florspace, decided to place an ad there! I had been so ambivalent about placing ads coz we wanted to keep costs small so that we won't have to charge exorbitant prices I myself won't pay for. But I had to put one somewhere, says my shareholders to at least expand potential audiences. LOL Ok, then I had to grapple with the graphic. I wanted something simple & fetching so I'm picking the wreath placements. I expect to change the graphic every month, hopefully I can stick to my word for that! I'm gonna need a T-shirt that says, "I beat procrastination" very soon.

Schoot over if you have 2 secs to check out the ad! All the way up there at Leah's fabulous More Ways to Waste Time blog!

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