Thursday, February 07, 2008

Etsy Finds - Love Sprouts!

A lovely virtual friend of mine, finally started a shop! If you were active on flickr a while ago, you'd remember the really adorable stamps Jo (aka DIY Obasan) carved in the night! Check out her work on flickr if you're unaware. A super stamp carving talent with great attention to detail, you'd look no further if you need some personalizations, for yourself or your store. Jo will do custom orders too so just drop her an email.

Thats one of my very favourite stamps currently still in her shop but I'd imagine not for long now! I'm secretly dying to own this so squeezeable little happy mushroom, as well as the Enchanted Cottages postcards! What a lovely touch to ordinary postcards. I'd say, its worthy of framing!

Remember this stamp she surprised me with? Yeap, its Jo. Don't let this one talent pass by you! Call today & get something done! Before long, you'd want to use your new stamp everywhere. LOL AND, she's got a grand opening offer! "Receive a set of 12 stickers plus 2 gift tags stamped with my handcarved minis for free when you make any purchase!" Valid til 28th feb. Be fast!


Jo said...

Dear Lyn, I was on the verge of tears after reading this entry... it's such a sweet sweet gesture. *choked up* Could never thank you enough for your affirmation and support for all things handmade. But I still wanna say a HUGE thank you for giving LoveSprouts that kind of exposure and publicity that I don't even dare dream about. Here's a big hug for you gal!

marsha said...

oh wow! what a find! thanks for this fab feature! i'll be sure to check out her store real soon ... :) here's wishing you a happy lunar new year too!

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