Monday, July 21, 2008

203th day of the year - Reflections

With only 162 days of 2008 left, I find myself looking forward to the end. It might be a long semester, with projects, tests, my repeated business stats class (eugh!), and loads to do, I'm hoping it'll all end soon. Actually no, I'm in 2 minds about this. I'd always wish for more time in a day coz all the uploading, photo-taking, stuff making, packages posting has taken up more than 24/7. And people are wondering why I'm not spending time lurking in forums? LOL I so wish to do that, but guys, I hardly have time to breathe! Recently, I've taken to sleeping early, waking early, getting more done, and drinking a nice can of cold coffee mid-day so that I can keep the motors running til 9pm at least! When I get to sit down, listen to DH over the phone and update the sites, snoop around for Threadbanger, NiteFite & Viropop vids, its almost time for bed. I'm thankful for the 400thread count egyption cotton sheets I'd invested in. My day job is so full of fun but when I finally lie on the bed, I'd start to realise the pain and hell, its back-breaking labor! But so many of my audiences' sweet comments and appreciation makes me wanna go on. I've said thanks so many times, but always feel like I never thank enough! Hm, I guess I'd been brought up to at least be humble, though sometimes it gets hard to behave well when the weather is so hot here! I guess I won't blame my fellow Singaporeans anymore. I'd be hot-tempered if I'd were forced to live in such conditions! I kinda realised that when I went to the market with my folks on Saturday for breakkie & some groceries. I'm gonna try to be nicer. Wasn't that one of my resolutions for 2008?

I shall still believe in the good in people. And no, I am an atheist. ;+) Currently reading, God Delusion.

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youngmi said...

hi! my name's youngmi AKA the toki cafe and i wanted to let you know that i've added a link to your blog/etsy on my page. i hope that's okay? if you would like me to take it down just let me know :)

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