Monday, July 07, 2008

Whimsically whimsical...

God, like I need a new craze to add to my expanding list! I'd thought the idea of whimsical jars had sorta died after I realised months ago that I prolly could never afford this beautiful version from One Good Bumblebee. Again, this whole idea of a whimsical jar is so very well eating into my awful need to hoard. I've been told that women hoard. Yes, I couldn't agree more. From 1995 to a couple of years later, I collected TY's beanie babies. I bought and bought with my meagre allowance from the folks on ebay. I think I even did a little layby with a nice girl who sold me a small collection. Sending money around wasn't really quite fun. But the delayed gratification worked like an aphrodisiac. Beanies were the reason I started using ebay. When paypal came along, it made shoppping online so darn easy. I moved on to designer things, prada rollnecks, vintage vuitton speedys, wallets, what name you. I deigned to spend local because of the whole romanticized western ideas thing. There weren't any quite as interesting and as exciting as waiting for a box to come thru. And hey, no waddling thru malls and dealing with rude shopgirls. Hmm... prolly explains why florspace isn't brick & mortar.

Like my weird need for bags, whimsical jars present the possibilities of hoard-ation, fun, the putting together and of course the infinite possibilities of what we could "hoard" in a jar. Make sense, non? My need to hoard bags has a long history. I'm not sure when it really began, I'm sticking to my story that bags started to mean something to me when mom taught me to crochet when I was just a kid. She made beautiful doillies, doll's dresses and bags. My first project was a 3 double crochet, 3 chain, bright yellow drawstring little bag. I 'matched' it with a bright green chain from circular bottom and made a drawstring at the top. I remember asking mom why wouldn't the bottom knot stay put coz it kept slipping out of the hole. Those were the days! Tons of bags came and went. Fashion magazines, shops and people watching were my sources of bag watching and hoarding. When Sydney came into the picture, I started vintage. Please don't ever ask about my collection. It would really kill me to add up the amounts. My wardrobe is at least 60% bags, everything from a lilac Luella(oh the scent of leather! forgive me just this once, vegans!), vuittons, to dollar store summer totes & purses. Yikes is how I feel now that I think about it. I'm only beginning to study the construction of clothes these couple of years. Fixation on bags is almost impossible to deny.

Where have I gone! Naturally, whimsical jars, even as its cute name suggests, we can literally put in anything. Jar of whimsical anything can be literally found anywhere! I'm being mean when I say this, but not all jars contain things I would like to have which is prolly why I'm so reserved in getting a jar myself. Scrapbooking jars are definitely the best around. Might be because they are themed so we can sorta unscramble our brains to find a connection between vintage buttons and domino pieces. Prolly makes deciding on what jar to get loads easier too! In which case, we're gonna go home, empty the jar and yet again wonder what fun things to put in it. Ah, the possibilities!

If you're utterly helpless and convinced, join me in a swap of Whimsy Jars!

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