Monday, July 14, 2008

Everyday Cupcake - Restock~!

I heard a yaaay....was it you? hehe Yuppers, they are here again! We love them so much, those cute little cupcakes, all decorated in their tiny cups of cuteness! Calorie-free, we can have them in our purse every single day for loads of smiles! Pile on the endophins!

Okay...maybe that was just me. I had just chopped off my butt-length locks and is feeling the freedom on my head! Finally! Plus my hair stylist had a cute new assistant, geek-glasses & toussled hair with good head-massage technics! Whats not to love. I preserved my hair in a braid. Show you guys later. ;+)

Anyhoo, I first bought only a metre (1.1 yard) of this cute fabric during my biz/pleasure trip to Japan. It didn't occurred to me that you guys would love them so much! Though I must agree that the print is well designed and arranged. And those cute sentiments written in pink! It was so popular that everything was cut and sold out in half a jiff! Then it was tough doing a search for them. I even contemplated flying over. And then bingo! It was hiding somewhere in cupcake land. Now I've finally got a decent stock of it in my own hands! Oh, the intoxicating smell of new Japanese fabric! LOL

There's something about these cupcakes really want to make me run out and buy some. I've gotta find a good low-fat cupcake shop in singapore again. If you're on a terribly strict diet, I guarantee these purses will bring you as much joy! Go shop! ;+)

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