Sunday, July 06, 2008

Chasing Soy + Etsy Finds

Soy saved my life. Weird, I know. I'd always been curious about soy candles with etereal promises like soot-free, lead-free, paraffin-free, helping American farmers, burning evenly & even the possibility of using the wax as a moisturiser. I thought 2 months ago that if that is so true, then soy is my paradise. I loved candles. Even at a young age, I'd been known to stare at the flame til I see stars. I love how the flame evoked feelings of fire-ry passion for life, yet maintains its ability to channel romance. Its nothing about lighting diptyques and going under covers with someone. Its tough to describe, really. The feeling of going back to nature and original forms of light really stokes my inner being to just let time go, at least for the moment, just to stare at the randomness of the moving flame. Of course, I got bored with paraffin candles as time went by coz they burn badly, tunnelling in, and the soot was annoying. There was once I got wax accidentally on stuff on my table. Boy was that horrific to clean up. Soy promises that soap and water would remove any traces & accidents.

Then I finally dropped some cash, DH dropped some cash actually (love you, DH!), at a little market store run by a wonderful lady who was in town for a while before she goes back to Canada for a while. We had a nice chat and she was so helpful in helping me choose scents! She also encouraged me to make my own soy with the company she was with. Unfortunately they wouldn't ship out of the country and I had my hands full with florspace anyways. I am permanently hooked onto eucalyptus ever since I went over to Sydney years ago and She had this scent called Harmony. I forgot what was in it, eucalyptus, ylang ylang etc. Its been crazy since I started burning the 8oz travel tin I bought! I light it everyday, just staring at that flame, pinching some of the soy while hot and wet for cuticle moisturising. And the smell, was heavenly! It was beautiful for the couple of days we had the Harmony soy. I'd wanted so much to go back to the store and just beg for more! But by the time I was done procrastinating, Sandy would be back in Canada. She did mention she was coming back so my only hope would be DH! I hope he brings some back for me in Dec.

So I came back with the need to light up. I'm dying to throw out the paraffins so I went online searching for soy versions. After a couple days of looking, I finally decided on some from Suzanne from blisscandles. She seems good enough for me, with a big range of scents and great feedback on etsy. She has her own website as well and has been so great with scent discussing. Its an irony that we're talking about smells we can't translate! I'm dying to smell what she has though! The color of Pomegranate soy looks SO mesmerizing! I've decided on eucalyptus. Her mayo jars are really pretty with brown lids! There are also adorable 10oz jars with a cute handle on top & of course the cute mason jars! I'm sitting patiently while I wait for the jars to come in. Wait, its more impatience that patience.

Anyone knows of decent soy candles in Singapore? I've given up searching.

ps: Should have blogged about soy earlier but vacation makes my ass lumpy. Procrastination became my immortal enemy. Oh dang.

pps: Oh Camilla! I swear I didn't know that but rest assured the soy candles I get are from renewable sources and would help American farmers. Or at least thats what they promised. But thanks for telling me that. I'll keep a lookout for 'poaching' types!

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Camilla said...

Hi Lyn (first of all thanks for the cube wallet, it's wonderful!)!
I just wanted to tell you to be careful with the soy. I saw a terrible documentary on tv about soy and the brazilian forest. They are cutting away all those trees just to make new soy fields... so I think it's better to use as less soy as we can and remember to ask always where the soy we buy is from.
It's terrible to see all those useful trees gone for something we could not use at all (my heart is crying when I think how good is soy sauce at the japanese restaurant and how much of that sauce I could eat!!) : ) bye! have a nice day!

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