Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I miss you

A shoulder to smile on
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Who am I kidding... I am not happy to be here. I had to realise after 2 weeks of being back here that I am not happy at all. I miss my other half. I miss sleeping next to and waking up to him every night. Its a kind of security and warmth that has somehow got turned inside out and warped into this gaping hole of darkness and loneliness. Its awful having to sleep alone. The weather is creating all kinda of hell on me, really bad pimples all over, terribly heated head, itchy skin, swollen lips. And my poor other half is all cold out in Sydney. My poor old sheep having to ride out the essays and cold nights all alone. How I long to reach out and give you a hug. Even though the telephone has made its possible for us to hear each other, its still morbidly painful not to be able to see each other til Christmas. All alone to face the nonsense in school, the awful neighbors, the awful heat, the world in general. I need your presense to give me strength to push on, stinky humid or not. Because I know, at the end of yet another colossally crazy day, we can all forget our troubles with a hug at night.

Oh how I long for the time to fly.

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