Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I'm back! Not sure if the exclamation is appropriate but I'm politically incorrectly kinda happy to be back. Maybe the DSL line has something to do with it. My neighbors are still obnoxious though. I do miss DH and Sydney loads but somehow each time we leave each other, we leave no room for grieving. Jumping right back to work kinda makes the time go faster and perhaps with such thoughts in mind, we'd see each other soon. The adorable little bear up there? It was a Christmas pressie a couple of years ago when I realised we'd have to live apart. She plays a little message each time her tum is pressed. She's my placebo. Sitting next to her are a pile of Merino yarns. It has almost all been knitted into a huge queen size blanket by now. I'll need more from the store to actually make it queen sized. DH is helping with that.

I'm still pretty much in a lull right now. Qantas had a terrible delay and their service was less than satisfactory. I guess I'll leave out gruesome details. Let's just say that the nice lady who sat beside me would be writing to them. *yikes*

Anyhoo, I've just listed all the varieties of the cube wallets in the store! Shipping is obviously much lower and with registration as well. We can all breathe a little easier. LOL What are you waiting for! Go shop! ;+)


Annie said...

Nice to have u back. Like to check with you if u got any product which has X'mas print on it? My friend likes X'mas prints, I would like to get for her as a gift. Wonder if you have any stock? Do reply me,yeah?

Btw, you're really gd at knitting. I've stopped my scarf knitting. Hope you have finished ur queen size knitted blanket by now. Nice bear u got there.

florspace said...

Hey Annie, So great to hear from you! Yes I do have really adorable xmas prints stored up! Do email me instead!

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