Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pinky Jack Tote set

Oh I still reminise about how happy I was to uncover this fabric! I was in a little fabric town in Japan and happened to get myself a little lost, walked into this very small and quaint little store that had the most wonderful fabrics all tied up in bundles with twine. They had utterly cute lace and buttons in glass jars and vintage sewing knickknacks all over! I was in HEAVEN, albeit a bit small, but still. They had plenty but as we all know, the whole opportunity costs idea drives me mad. I picked out a couple of vintage european home dec fabric in very retro prints which I had so much trouble looking for. No dekoplus, but just as good. Then I saw this beanstalk fabric, both in blue and pink. I remember that I couldn't decide and waved both bundles in Mom's face and asked frantically. I'd wanted to run to more shops! We decided on pink and the rest is history!

So besides CT's pleat tote set + cube that I'd made for her, we have a little left for a tote set for another lucky girl or mom! It seems so perfect for a new mom with a little girl. Of course it'll be so great for jazzing up an otherwise boring outfit! Would contrast perfect with denims too. Hell, its pink people, goes with anything! Our totes are made with the utmost dedication. I don't make anything unless I know it will be perfect. Pressure points are all double stitched. Handles are stitched 4 times! So feel free to swing and dunk books in. I feel so bad sometimes when I've got poor customers who tell me they've bought handmade and the purses look so fragile, they might fall apart on use. I'm sorry but I do spit on people who think they can make a quick buck out of selling handmade. Instead of just making a quick buck and getting out of there, you're making your audience lose confidence in handmade goods in general because of your shoddy work. Its fine being ignorant about crafting, feel free to experiment and only start selling when you are able to make something you would want to use and love. Its tough making stuff sometimes, but nothing beats the wonderful reviews we get from wonderful people! So a huge thanks and hug to everyone who's been so supportive! Its almost the 2 years anniversary for florspace so expect more yummy things! yaaaay!

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Cindy said...

This tote is so sweet :)

Love the fabrics.

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