Thursday, July 17, 2008

Productive Wednesday

Whoa! Never have I been able to do so much for quite a long while! I'm telling you, the awful sounds from upstairs has its adverse effects. The strange thing is, no disturbance came from upstairs whatsoever. In fact, I'm starting to get a bit worried about their kids. The adults are still shuffling their awfully loud furnitures intermittently but its really mild today. But anyhoo, the above is some WIP. I almost completed 5 tote sets today! Woo-hoo! All thanks to my new canned friend, the slim and able Nescafe regular. Wow does this little baby work! I hadn't stopped working since 12pm after admin and breakfast, til 11.30pm at night. What a wonderfully productive day... It feels so good to be going and going. Only when I'd finally sat down after a good shower to chat with a half asleep DH(2am in Syd!) did I finally feel super lethargic. Hmmm....should I try the human run next?

Oh the preciousness of silence!

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