Sunday, July 27, 2008

More tote sets...

I'm not sure but I suddenly experience tremendous joy in cutting up huge pieces of fabric. Its kinda weird coz in the end, the bag turns out smaller than the gigantic pieces inititally. But really, nothing beats making these tote sets. The amount of work is giving me chronic back muscle pains but somehow, there's something about the exuberance of the images on the totes that seems so enticing to see it in person! On Tuesday, I even found the courage to cut up the half a yard of the blush pink version of Branche. My chest sorta tighten a little when I did but when the tote finally got completed on Friday, I sighed in relief and maybe accomplishment! You might ask, its a pretty simple tote, what's the idea? Well, I relish in simple designs coz I would very much prefer to let the beautiful fabrics I use speak for themselves. Besides, my little impromptu research over the years as a bag user, shows that a high percentage of us actually reach for a frills-free tote as a default everyday tote. Here, I'm obviously trying to convince everyone this is something you'll pick up everyday before you leave the house! ;+)

ps, I am desperately trying to find a way to reduce international shipping. Because of the layers of interfacing and heavy fabrics, a tote set tend to weigh a bit, not to mention some extras I throw in. I might have to find a cheaper source of bubble envies or maybe absorb a bit of the shipping? Hmm.

Update - Shipping recalculated and much reduced. Hopefully the tote sets will get to travel a little further this time!

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Anonymous said...

Love the totes, especially the jungle print! :)

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