Friday, March 06, 2009

Come back, mojo!

Hmm, I'm not too sure what happened but 2 days ago when I was trying my best to work 2 large everyday totes I'd wanted to finish since, um, a month back, I had to stop at the finishings coz nothing just seems right anymore. I was gonna try a different handle thingy, but it looks just wrong with the print. I tried pleating, again it was all wonky and weird. In the end, I just stopped, threw it back on the table, slumped on the couch to watch re-runs of Two and A Half Men. I think their limbo-ness kinda makes me feel better. But thats not the point. I tried again the next day, and horror of horrors, nothing! Nada, zilch, zero. They have been lying there almost all week now, unfinished and looking really lonely. Then I sat, frustrated and it hit me. My sewing mojo's gone. I hope its only out for an errand but by the look of it, it may have gone fishin'. I'm terrified since there are custom orders awaiting and angry people knocking on my door. Ok, maybe its just my guilt a-rat-tatting in my head, but still! I hate for people to have to wait, like I feel like I'm being made to wait.

So all that talk about writer's block and magic disappearing (Kiki's Delivery Service) was true afterall. I just didn't think it'll hit me. A sewing block? Who would thunk it?!

The funny thing though, is that the ideas don't stop streaming up there! I could be sleeping and thinking about bag construction or walking down the street trying to mentally tear apart someone's really interesting-looking bag/purse/jacket, whatever. I sorta feels like I'm mentally sewing! Yet in reality, the hands just ain't movin' the way I want it to and at the same time, everything seems plain wrong even though its perfect in my head. I can't get around this problem and with school deadlines creeping up so quickly, I fear my sewing block is taking longer than necessary to clear. Its completely new to me, though it has been 2 and a half years since florspace started. Of course, its not an excuse to delay anyone's requests. I will continue to search for mojo.

"Come back, mojo, come back!"
Boy, that wasn't a dream.

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