Saturday, March 14, 2009


Drawstrings aplenty! Its yummy drawstrings time at florspace. We love them so much and people are requesting them for on-the-go knit goods, kid's toys, gym gear, travel laundry, unmentionables the list could go on! They're super duper fun to create, while they take up quite a bit of fabric, it looks so cute in the end! I love the end product everytime and regardless of how it gets measured, somehow it seems to have a little mind of its own, ending up cute all the time! hehe

I particular love the Cherry Trees GM size one above! I love large drawstrings myself and use a couple depending on when and where. Let's see...I use one for gym which has straps for hanging onto the hooks when I shower; it stows my shower things and clean underwear + the towel actually fits in too! I love that I don't have to put my things anywhere else coz I doubt the cleanliness of public places a lot. :P Speaking of, I use another for bed clothes and unmentionables when I travel since they can be kept clean and safe. I like having clean bed clothes and underwear to look forward to at night. Regardless of how icky and horrible the day turns out to be. :+) They are very lightweight, yet strong enough to carry clothings. You can also fold them up and carry them with you for groceries and extra things you might need to carry in your day! I also use 2 on the hooks in my room near the door for storage of knick knacks. Also PM sizes are best for small things like memory sticks goes into my everyday tote. Wow...thats a lot of drawstrings!

The best thing I like about them is that they are so easy to care for! Just invert them, throw them in with your usual laundry, take them out, reshape and air-dry! No dryer coz they can shrink, just like your sweaters can felt!

Go drawstrings!

p/s: March 20th is the first day of Spring!
Watch out for our Pink Spring SALE!
Details to come!
You heard it here first! Wooooop! ;+)

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