Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth hour lowdown + day after

I spent the hour with everything off in my apartment, just sitting there in almost pitch black darkness chatting with mom. It was quite a nice time catching up, except that the heat & humidity was killing me. I didn't realise I'd depend so much on the electronic stand fan in the lounge not to mention juice for internet, computers, AC. Without these comforts, it felt like 18th century. I busted out my japanese folding fan and started fanning myself profusely. Of course I got tired in the process! We realised that most of the neighbors didn't bother. Its quite sad actually. Its just an hour, and its to save the very place we're living in! Not that we shouldn't do our part everyday. I go green all the time, recycling everything I can, putting them into the right bins if I can't use them anymore, using less water, using less electricity and power-saving bulbs, biodegradable trash bags, bringing my own grocery bags to the supermarket.... hell, I feel alone in this environment! Singapore obviously doesn't do enough. Or maybe people didn't know, or they don't care. Either ways, its just awful.

I met people for the school project and they said they "forgot/didn't bother about earth hour, coz no one was doing it anyways". I stared blankly, but in my heart I ache for earth. ouch.

Because of the yearly earth hour, I start to really appreciate the existence of lights, internet and my AC! What would we do without them!

Let's try our best to be nice to earth and be a little more conscious of our consumption habits!

Hazel, so nice to hear you enjoyed Earth Hour too!

Cary, that's sad! I thought Singapore was the only ignorant place! Like you, I'm appalled no one bothered. We should make it a point not to abuse electricity. Thanks for sharing though!


Hazel said...

Hi Lyn,
Nice to read that you and your Mum did your earth friendly bit. Craig and I also chatted in the dark for an hour! Most of our neighbours seemed to be light free too which is great. I think it certainly makes us more aware all year round too.
Hazel x

Cary Garcia said...

I turned off my lights and peeked outside, I was way excited to see it all! And nothing. Not even the neighbors. I understand that a Saturday night in Vegas isn't the most reasonable time to ask everyone to turn the lights out, but I mean NOBODY did. I live across from the university, and they didn't even turn off the outside building lights. Eh, maybe different cities should have a weekly earth day. For us, I think Monday or Tuesday late nights should be earth day.

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