Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Giveaways @ fabyuhluhs!

Ok, by now you guys'd realise I'm too lazy to host my own giveaways! LOL But in comes the nice people at fabyuhluhs who love the Everyday Cupcake MiniZs so much, they'd ask me to give out 2! And so I did. All you need to do is pop over, read the lovely post, put a comment and you're in to win yourself a yummy cupcake MiniZ!

Hop on over!


DG said...

great giveaways! these are so cute. thanks for the chance :)


djStoreRoom said...

Hi!! You have a really nice blog! I am following you now! Keep blogging!!


acidbathx said...

I love your etsy site, and craftsmanship! I entered the contest, of course :)

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