Sunday, March 01, 2009

DH has left + Choc Muffins

Yeap, he's gone. Back to Sydney (Australia) that is. I decided to do a little random/update blog, plus the very chocolate muffin I baked couple of days ago for him, before he left. Its supremely chocolatey and I'd opted for the easy way out by purchasing Betty Crocker's cake mix. I know, I should've done it from scratch, but didn't have the time. I think it was a spur of the moment thing. "Let's have one of your cake-things for breakfast", he said. I thought plain muffins were a little well, plain. Besides, DH wouldn't like chomping on several muffins like that. Molten chocolate would make it more fun, I thought. Tough luck, Crocker's chocolate frosting was out. I searched my brain for liquid choco recipes. The stress made me buy 2 small bars of cadbury and a tub of very thick cream. Strangely though, it turned out ridiculousy yummy. We were licking our fingers like a bunch of pre-schoolers at breakfast. Just remember to do double-boiling and don't be shy to pile on the cream. ;+) (To Charlene, I apologise for not including the molten chocolate for your box of muffins! It was gone before I knew what happened. :P Just hope you enjoyed them somehow!)

So yes, I'm suddenly free of DH, but there's nothing to be proud of. I get this strange empty feeling all the time, like being naked in public. Not to mention the bed's supremely cold at night without someone around. I've even resorted to wearing my old Sydney University sweater. I do miss Sydney and the only solace is that I'll get to be there in about 2.5 months, after the papers.

All that's left now is the awful assignments, tests and exams. BUT, I'll get to make more stuff for florspace soon! OOOOooooohhh, so many ideas keep bursting into my brain!


eclectic_tastes said...

Hi! I'm the turtle chasing butterfly wallet nut! I wanted to stop in and say I've been reading and lurking.

Tony was approved to come over from Australia and he got here Dec 11th. We were married on January 1st. Amazingly (and amusingly) he -loveslovesloves- the snow and cold. He's actually sad that the snow is melting because spring is coming! He's obviously crazy. lol.

Anyway, wanted to drop in and say hi. I hope you are well. I do read and browse your shop (and drool!).

~ Natalie

florspace said...

Hey Natalie, I remember you! How's the wallet? Still holding up & bringing you loads of joy I hope! Thanks so much for reading my blog. :+)

Yeah, I do love the snow too. I remembered once I went to the Blue Mountains and was browsing in a bookstore when it suddenly snowed...I ran out out of the bookstore and was so excited! Got frost bite on my hands in the end but it was so much fun! LOL

But you might need to visit Australia once your husband misses the sun and beaches. ;+)

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