Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happy Hinamatsuri!

Happy Hinamatsuri everyone!

I'm a little bummed DH didn't managed to stay til Hinamatsuri but he did leave me with a table of cute goodies for the celebration! And he's gonna call me later. :+)

A little traditional song for the Doll's day.

Akari o tsukemashou bonbori ni
明かりをつけましょう ぼんぼりに
Ohana o agemashou momo no hana
お花をあげましょう 桃の花
Go-nin bayashi no fue taiko
五人ばやしの 笛太鼓
Kyo wa tanoshii Hinamatsuri

Let's light the lanterns
Let's set peach flowers
Five court musicians are playing flutes and drums
Today is a joyful Dolls' Festivall


youngmi said...

aww! cute! i did a report on japanese holidays way back in high school and i remember this one being one of my favs :)

Camilla said...

Hi Lyn! I gave your blog an award, if you want you can pass it out!

Cindy said...

Those are so adorable :)

Happy Hinamatsuri to you too.

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