Friday, March 06, 2009

Yearly Ultimate Sets - Spring

Apparently my mojo gets online from time to time and reads my blog! After my outcry late into the night yesterday, he came back for a visit. So I took the opportunity to finish up the Counting Sheep set I was dying to for weeks. The other piggy one has to wait. Oh yikes, I shouldn't say so much! LOL I was thinking about it for a long time coz the finishing for the sheep one wasn't right. I was trying too hard to put in more stuff that wasn't meant to be there in the first place. It was meant to be just sheeps! Anyhoo, just to keep the lovely zakka spirit alive, I managed to find some amazing cotton zakka lace in that perfect oat color for all the trimmings. I could eat this stuff if it was edible! And adding that little accent was because the vintage french crystal button was just begging for some attention. Methinks he sits proudly on the cute little lace ribbon on the side.

I tossed out several ideas for the handles, like using raw cotton canvas (inside) but it was too plain and didn't fit. Wooden handles just made it look worse. Even my signature woven cotton handles were somehow out of place! My Biscuit tote that I use everyday is a peeling leather I got from my Japan trip earlier but that was the only pair. In the end, I realised, sheeps only go with sheeps! I had them attached on both the inside and outside coz I wanted it to be super hardy for what you might throw in, which make this the perfect bag for travel, school, work or play. No excuse for leaving your sweater or that novel at home now. There's also double large pockets inside. People have been telling me to include larger pockets in my totes. I'm starting to see why after installing some in the one for myself! They keep stuff safe, especially the puffy extended pocket for gadgets.

This set also features something I'd been wanting to make for a while - a Key Home! I have been using one for years and love the idea that it covers the abrasive metal of keys, keeps it safe from other delicate things in your bag as well as keeping them all in one place!

So yeah, some of my little thoughts that goes thru my creations. There are more but it'll prolly bore your brains out!

Check out the Counting Sheep set right here!

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Nina said...

Hi! I absolutely adore your bags! If I could buy them all I would! ;)

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