Sunday, March 22, 2009


Today's sunset was so magnificent, I had to share! I was pottering around in the lounge, cutting up more fabrics and such when I realised the place was bathed in an ethereal glow! If I hadn't know better, I swear it looked like the Buddha came down on earth! It was orange gold, kinda like being in an egyptian palace! Ahhh....the sunset. I leaned out the window to soak up the ridiculously beautiful atmosphere. The sun was setting behind the hideous building that came up right in front of our block a couple of years ago. I cursed and swore, but well, nothing can really be done, can it? Nonetheless, it was still beautiful with the entire surroundings bathed in an orange glow. I thought it couldn't be more pretty!

Guess what!? I turned to my left and there was the biggest rainbow I'd seen since the one that stopped right outside my window on my 29th floor apartment in sydney a couple of years ago. I really missed that one. But this momentarily makes up for the memory. I couldn't capture the lovely colors very well here, but it was quite a sight! And boy was it huge! Didn't get to find the end of it, or I may just come into a pot of gold and have met a Leprechaun! :+)

Could this be a wonderful start to Spring? I certainly am crossing my fingers!

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jek-a-go-go said...

i love that glow! how lucky to see a rainbow as well! wow!

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