Saturday, November 29, 2008

2nd Day of SALE - Updates, NEWS + new stuff!

We're kinda pooped! But we're happy that quite a number of you guys chose us for your christmas presents! HUGE thanks and hugs go out to you! It's really heartening to know that yummy purses are reaching people. No more crummy store-bought ones. ;+) Anyways, bet you all haven't seen those 3 in years. LOL Just kidding, prolly just months back. We're completely out of these fabrics and they're reserves, just in case. We took them out and made them into cute MiniZs again! IMO, they are the classics of traditional Japanese designs. Plus the texture makes it so much more interesting.

Of course, we didn't forget to reload Winter Wonderland! Just 2 more, in case you guys need it for gifts. Its such a cute print, I need to hoard more of it for now. ;+)

3 NEW ones! The Carte wallets came before these handy dandys, I know, but the essential MiniZs are out! I love Le Matryoshka Noir because I tend to get careless and drop my purses in the street even though I cringe to think what the sidewalks has seen, so the black background is heaven for me! hehe Obviously Monokuro Boo would be perfect too! It was tough to get the print to centre without wasting large amounts of it. Gotta think more economically. *racks brains*. And, we all need Sundays! The cheery Sunday print is bound to lift just about anyone's mood! Cute sentiments, cute scene & trees at the back. Lemon gingham inside to boot. What could be better than lazing around til noon on Sunday with a good book?

We work in our PJs, so you could shop in it too!
(And no one would judge you even if you shopped on the can. heh heh)

ps: Garden Party Reversible Huggable Hobo is in too! ;+)

ppssssst! You want to WATCH the 3rd day. We have something nice coming. Shhh!

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