Friday, November 28, 2008

THE Black Friday-Weekend Sale - has started! + 1st day updates

STARTS at approximately 1pm Singapore time, 12am EST, Nov 28th 2008. Will end Sunday 12 midnight (Singapore Monday, 1pm)

Black Friday-Weekend Sale Conditions:
1)Reserved, preorders, customs not included in the sale
2) Sale items are not included
3) Florspace Home items not included BUT can be shipped together. Wait for a revised paypal invoice, SG wait for revised email notice.
4) Payment is expected immediately at the time of order for international paying by paypal.
5) Payment is expected within a day for local orders, ie, payment has to be received in our bank account within a day after information is emailed to you.
6) No further discounts will be allowed.
7) While stocks last, or subject to our production capabilities. Items will be relisted as the sellout, so a little patience is in order. :+)
8) Conditions are subject to necessary changes.
9) Violations of rules mean sale will be cancelled. Sorry!

The GOOD news is...

Spend $50 and above, you'll get free extra yummy goodies in with your order! Ranges from our exclusive unreleased christmas stockings, our printed calendars which some of you guys have already ALL ORDERS gets yummy candy canes, our exclusive christmas postcards, keyring.....etc!! We don't usually hawk our freewares, coz they're always given out out of goodwill and most importantly because we love you guys for your continuous support! So everyone's gotta know every order comes with extra love! ;+)

Tell your friends, shop in your pjs with a mug of hot choco. What could be better?
THE Black Friday-Weekend Sale

Phew! The first 12 hours of the sale has ended and so many of you guys waited patiently at the computer for the sale. HUGE HUGE thanks to everyone who's SO supportive of florspace! Your monies put food on our table & to buy more yummy fabric choice for you guys! Couple of the big ticket items have sold out but we'll try to put up more for sale tomorrow! Been working our asses off today so we need a bit of shuteye first. ;+)
- 12.13am 29th nov GMT+8, 11.13am 28th nov EST

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