Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Animal Lovers Club - 3 new ones!

Yaaaay! We have 3 new ones for the animal lovers! Meet The Breakfast Cat, Doggie Parade & Dog Park! Many of you pet owners have been asking me for cute prints for purses, even leash bags for your pooches/cats! Well, its taken a while, but here you go guys, the cutest I can lay my hands on! You'd already know how picky I am, so to find decent quality fabric & cute prints was tough! These made the cut, so you don't have to hunt like a tiger for them! hehe We do have more prints for the animal parade, but these 3 looked so lovely together! They mark the start of our little animal collection! Whee!

1 comment:

Miso said...

Oh how cute are those. The material is just lovely! ^^

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