Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beads By Laura

Whoa, these few days have been mad! We're busy like bees during honey season, just alternating between packing orders (which take a surprisingly long time!), answering emails & convos, cutting up fabrics & things, getting them ready for sewing, the actual production process, quality testing, pressing, shooting (only in bright daylight!), resizing & listing them! Oh and not forgetting posting them on flickr, blogging about them......yada yadda yaddddaaaa....LOL! Its really a lot of work and we hardly sit at all, maybe just to eat, but we love what we're doing so much, its hardly work! hehe I guess people who love to make stuff would know what I'm talking about. ;+)

Anyhoo, besides all that stuff, I managed to snap up these 2 adorable & beautiful strawberries by the very talented Laura! She blogged about florspace just a day ago! She makes the most beautiful lampwork beads I've ever seen, like this one *drool* & I'd mentally kicked myself for missing these. I never thought much of lampwork beads before Laura came along. I think its prolly because I've never seen something that pleases this much! I've been a fan since she did a trade with me and sent me a cute-as-hell mushroom pendant I still wear very often! I swear I feel like I can almost eat it! Thing is, she's one girl, which means...her beads are very limited in quantity! Be sure to check in with her very often to jump in on the beads you want. I'd always missed the pretty ones but maybe its fate, or the right timing that I managed to hog these! Yaaaay! I can't wait for them to come! Early chrissie pressie for moi. To hell with the tattle-tail snowman. :P I know santa likes me.

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Laura said...

Aw - thanks for the lovely write-up, Lyn!

Pleased you love your mushroom pendant - I hope you like your strawberry beads too!

Laura x

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