Sunday, November 23, 2008

Taking stock - Free old mags anyone?

Just swapped the banner for the little shoppe. This time I'm actually early for my sale administration work. LOL I'm finding it tough to manoeuvre with the limitations of 700 by 100 for etsy banners. What do people think? Everyone seems to be holding up fine. Maybe its just me. I'm just lousy with the photo-editing. I messed up with photoshop coz it was really too complicated. Then I thought of learning Illustrator after spending too much time at Paul Frank's site. But I thought, its prolly a good idea if I did not. It might explode on me! I'm using photoscape and its so-far-so-good. *phew!*

Whoa, I cleared up 5 bags of stuff today from just 2 cupboards! Plenty of old mags, school notes, old diarys and some trinkets. Most of them are going to goodwill. If you're in town (Singapore) and deal with magazine papers (like make stuff out of them; coasters, baskets, bags, bowls, boxes, wallart, floor collage(!), table, woven art, envelopes, etc.), feel free to come over and collect them. You might need help. Its impossible to carry a bagful over 2 inches. I'm waaaaaaay too deep in my fabrics to delve into other projects right now. I would LOVE to do everything, but I gotta keep focused before I go insane! Its like what Laura would say, "I gotta clone myself". Ditto, girl.

I gotta take pictures. Its 12am now, so til next morning! *yawn*

p/s: Thanks you guys, its so encouraging to hear you guys! *beams*


Laura said...

Your new banner is ace! Made me smile. :o)

I recently got rid of a load of bead magazines. I donated them to a local bead group. Magazines take up such space, don't they?!

Cloning - just imagine how much more stuff we'd get made! ;o)

ismoyo said...

Love the look of your new banner. You did a good job on it!

And if i was in Singapore i would have loved to pick up some magazines, but i have to pass. Hope you'll find somebody else to make happy with them!

Babz said...

Your banner looks cute ;)...but if you ever find the need or want let me know I do a little dabbing in the graphic stuff and could help you out if needed!

LOL@ cloning ... I so would have many me's!

Izaberu said...

*Heart* your new Etsy banner. Bursting with cuteness! I have been following your blog for some time and only drop a comment now. Love your sense of humour too :D

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